Destiny's Rise of Iron: First Impressions

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Rise of Iron

Today, Destiny's newest expansion, RISE of IRON, dropped. I have to say after playing through all five of the new story missions, the two new strikes, Archon’s Forge, and the new Crucible game mode; I’m very pleased with what we got. Only having five new story missions may seem a little upsetting to some. For me, though, I’m overjoyed as I always look forward to the story of just about any game.

I won’t go into detail, to avoid spoilers, but with the story missions we dive into the history of Lord Saladin, the other Iron Lords, and how they fell at the hands of the Siva threat. You fight to claim the new social space known as “Felwinter's Peak” and journey to the new patrol space on earth “The Plaguelands”.

The missions are a little tricky because of the new Siva enhanced Fallen. They now have new abilities that are gonna take a bit getting used to. But the new take on these enemies we’ve been fighting, since vanilla, is very refreshing and makes the game more fun to play. Moving on to the strikes, after playing both the brand new one as well as the revamped Sepiks Prime strike, I am pleased with how they play. Sepiks Prime or, as he’s now known, Sepiks Perfected has new mechanics that make the strike more challenging and much more fun. I look forward to playing through these strikes more and trying to acquire some of their strike specific loot.

I only played Archon’s Forge for a little bit, but I’ll be sure to go back and participate more. After my short time in that arena, I really enjoyed the waves of enemies; there’s little to no time to switch gear in the middle of it so you better make sure you're good to go at the jump. The new Crucible game mode Supremacy is one thing I was not looking forward to with this expansion; it just didn’t seem fun to me. I wish I could’ve enjoyed Supremacy more to be proven wrong, but to say I dislike it is an understatement. If the game mode wasn’t a part of a quest I wouldn’t have played it a second time. I just couldn’t stand it.

Now I know that there may be some of you who are like: “What’s with this guy? Supremacy is awesome!” or “How can you not like Supremacy, it’s amazing!”. And that’s fine because I’m really glad that people are enjoying it, but in my personal opinion I can’t stand it. Part of the reason is because of how the scoring is set up. If you haven’t played it and haven’t heard about it at all, I’ll explain how it works. When you kill someone, instead of getting points for the kill, the Guardian drops what is called a Crest. A Crest looks like an engram but has the player's Class symbol in the center. You have to retrieve the Crest in order to get points for the kill however, the enemy can pick it up in order to deny you those hard earned points.

The reason I don’t enjoy this game mode is because of this Crest scoring system. If I kill someone I want to get the points for killing them. I don’t want be denied points by hoping I get the Crest before someone on my team does, or worse the opposing team. There is no place for sniper’s in this game mode, unless you’re the ultimate team player who doesn’t care about scoring points as long as your team wins. If you headshot someone from across the map, you only get those points by leaving your cover and running for the Crest. Supremacy is dominated by people running around with Shotguns, which always get on my nerves. I won’t say it’s wrong to to do that because it’s the strategy, I get it, and maybe I’m the only one who doesn't enjoy Supremacy. Maybe in time I’ll grow to enjoy it. However, as of right now I’m not a fan and I am not looking forward to playing more matches.

Coming in a few more days is the new raid Wrath of the Machines. When it drops I’ll be running through it blind and when I’ve completed it, I’ll make another post about my first impressions with that as well.

Keep checking back as I’ll most likely make another post about how RoI holds up after some more playtime and exploration.

Let me know your thoughts on RISE of IRON in the comments below!