ARROW Season 5 on Blu-Ray Hits the Mark

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As season six of Arrow quickly approaches I think it is always good to recap the previous season and what better way than with the Blu-Ray that collects the entire 5th season, and more!

With so much that goes on between spring and when our show restarts, in the fall, it is easy to forget some of the story lines and plots that follow our favorite vigilante.

In Season five, Oliver had a lot on his plate. After defeating Damien Darhk, he is faced with new challenges. By day, he runs his city as Mayor Queen, while continuing to protect his city at night as Arrow. Well...for a while anyway. Last season’s villain was very complex and kept us on our toes, even after he was revealed to the audience.

It all began with Arrow going solo as his band of heros were disbanded at the close of season four. It wasn’t long until Felicity thrust new recruits upon Ollie. Fearful of Ollie taking on too much she convinces him he should embrace some new vigilantes who have taken to the safety of the city. While not necessarily keen on her request, he attempts to train them. We spend a great deal of time watching as Oliver realizes the importance of trust, and the two way street that must be walked.

There were some growing pains as we slowly reached a place where the team was somewhat cohesive.

The first villain, Tobias Church, proved to be a formidable foe and it seemed his main purpose was to give the new vigilantes a starting point. With his demise, the true Villain emerged and we are introduced to another arrow wielding terror; Prometheus. The web that is weaved throughout this season captures us as we witness Ollie’s demons surface. There is struggle between his role as Mayor and keeping his identity hidden as the Green Arrow. He is forced to make some hard choices.

Once Prometheus is revealed to be Adrian Chase, the acting DA, the tension grew as he continued to walk freely among the Mayor’s office. It was a very good twist, because Oliver couldn’t call him out on his villainous deeds, without revealing his own secret as well. And Adrian’s whole purpose was to get Ollie to admit who he really was at his core. To completely deconstruct the Arrow and out him as someone who is a killer.

The writers did an exemplary job of keeping us guessing what will happen next.

William makes an appearance near the end as Adrian had threatened that he knew of his existence. Using him as the final pawn in this game of chess, Adrian makes Oliver choose between his son, and his friends who found themselves trapped on Lian Yu; their lives in peril. It had been awhile since we have had any mention of his son, almost like he was an abandoned plot point. Now that he’s resurfaced and was a major factor in the season finale, it leads me to believe that he will be an integral part of the upcoming season.

Among all the twists and turns in season five, Oliver also finds himself teaming up with Barry Allen again. This time for an event of epic proportion! Season 5 of Arrow, on Blu-Ray includes THE ARROW episode of the 4-episode crossover event.

Season five is full of the characters we have loved from the beginning and presents new faces for us to contemplate. There is so much to explore as you navigate through all four disks. While we get all 23 episode the complete set also invites us partake in some special features. Go behind the scenes with the special features that give us some insight to the new team in disk one. Disk two offers a documentary on the Invasion crossover. Learn about Oliver’s inner demons and how it affects the extended team. As usual we get a peek into Comic Con in disk four. And of course, no complete season would be complete without a gag reel!.

There is nothing like watching the actors we admire being human.

With approximately 970 minutes of footage, season 5 of ARROW on Blu-Ray is the only way to reacquaint yourself before settling in to watch season 6.

I look forward to the premier of season six on Thursday October 12, 2017 at 9pm on the CW. We are sure to be entangled into yet another storyline that will open up new perspective to our hero.

5.0 / 5.0