DC announces details for DC Universe online platform

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DC has opened up a website for their DC Universe web platform for pre-orders!  It doesn't actually launch until the fall, but if you subscribe now, you will get an additional three months free when it launches.  The pricing they announced is $7.99 a month of $74.99 for a year.  DC Universe works on desktop and all your iOS and Android devices. It’s also compatible with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Google Chromecast.  No mention of Roku at the moment.

So what do you get for your $75?  Looks like quite a bit...


Original series: First of all, you get original programming available only on DC Universe.  The third season of YOUNG JUSTICE will be debiting on DC Universe.  They have also said we will be getting series for DOOM PATROL, SWAMP THING, HARLEY QUINN, and TITANS.  They even released a trailer for TITANS at SDCC.  Warning, this video contains some foul language.

I liked the tone of the trailer a lot (**** Batman!), but I am still not sold on the way certain characters look, especially Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire. They just look like real lowend cosplay.  I do like the picture of Robin on the website though, so I am willing to give the show a chance.


Video Library-  Starting with animated movies, they didn't post a comprehensive list, but they did say FLASHPOINT PARADOX and BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS are included.  DC's animated movies have been terrific, especially the last few years, and they are pretty hard to find on digital services so, this is a huge plus.

On the film end of things, again, they didn't post a compregensive list, but they did say that there would be a rotating library of films to watch including SUPERMAN: THE MOTION PICTURE and the Tim Burton BATMAN movies.  I noticed that they didn't mention any of the more recent movies.  Not sure if that means they won't be including them, or maybe they just think the classic movies are a better selling point. 

Rounding out the video library, they also said that classic DC TV shows will be included.  They mentioned BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES and the classic WONDER WOMAN series.   No word on series like SUPER FRIENDS or the ARROWVERSE.

Comics!!!!!  For years, fans have been asking DC to post an accessible collection of comics online like MARVEL UNLIMITED. There was a lot of rumor that the reason this wasn't happening was because of royalty agreements, but no one seems sure if that is the case.  But, DC has promised an extensive comic collection as part of DC Universe. Again, they only teased a few books, like ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN/BATMAN, some NEW 52 titles, and NEW TEEN TITANS.  Hopefully, this collection will be as comprehensive as MARVEL UNLIMITED. Including it at a lower price point than MARVEL UNLIMITED and packaged with all these other things makes it a huge value!  I assume we won't get brand new comics up there, but even if they are 6 months behind, it will still be an awesome way to keep up with books I might not normally be able to buy.

I wonder if they will be able to include things like Vertigo and Wildstorm here...

Member Benefits - In addition, they have also suggested that there will be merchandise available only to DC Universe users.  And also a message board for subscribers.  I am actually really excited for that last part.  The DC Message Boards were the best comic message boards back in the day.  It was just a terrific community, and hopefully they will be able to bring that back.  Frankly, I have been looking for a good online comic message board for a long time.  Having a message board that is part of a package members have to pay for should help ensure that the trolling stays to a minimum.

FINAL THOUGHTS - Everything they announced here sounds really cool, especially for that price.  Obviously, it will all depend on how much content is up there when it launches in the fall, but if it's anything like the WWE Network, it will also grow and evolve over time.  I am definitely looking forward to DC UNIVERSE, though I am not sure if I will be pre-ordering it or not.  The three extra months is a nice touch, but I want to see what will be available before I am committing my $75.