Rare Hot Wheels Car Discovered by America’s Toy Scout Joel Magee

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Rare Hot Wheels Prototype

The Prototype Car, Now Worth Upwards of $100,000, Is the Only Redline Enamel White Hong Kong Version Car Ever to be Discovered - Considered the Holy Grail of Hot Wheels Collectibles

West Palm Beach, Florida – (February 5, 2020) – One of the rarest finds in toy collecting history was discovered by America’s Toy Scout, Joel Magee.  A Hot Wheels Camaro dating to 1968 and verified as the first Hong Kong enamel white example ever found was acquired by Magee and now stands alone as the only one in the world. The white prototype Camaro is three of the most desirable Redline Hot Wheels collectible cars in the world.  Found in a set of several other Hot Wheels cars, it wasn’t until Joel examined the collection and consulted a Hot Wheels expert that he was able to confirm that the lone white Camaro was, in fact, the rarest of rare.

The Enamel White Prototype Custom Camaro Hot Wheels car was one of the original 16 models produced by Mattel in 1968. The enamel white variant is a prototype because with all new cars, designers would coat them with an enamel white coat to check for imperfections. Only a few were known to be mistakenly packaged and released to retailers.  This car is extremely rare to find at all, let alone in good condition.

This is the third rarest Hot Wheels car and the only one believed to exist. .  The Beach Bomb and the Olds 442 are the only other rare Hot Wheels on the level of the white enamel Hong Kong Camaro.

“I’ve collected toys forever and this Hot Wheels Camaro is the Holy Grail of collectibles. I am beyond excited to have found it to add to my vast collection. This car is so extremely rare that there is only one known example which is this one.  Imagine something that originally sold for 59 cents now being worth upwards of $100,000! Wow! – Joel Magee, America’s Toy Scout

America’s Toy Scout, Joel Magee has made toys his life.  As a regular on the hit show, “Pawn Stars,” and a frequent guest on local television and radio media across the country, Magee has rightfully earned the name “America’s Toy Scout.” He is the perfect guest for segments as an expert on all things toys. Magee boasts the rarest toy collection in the world. As a young child who spotted a G.I. Joe lunchbox during a trip to a local flea market, Magee knew his quest for the best toys was about to begin. Since then Magee has scoured the world for the rarest toys he could find. Hot Wheels, Star Wars,  G.I. Joe, Barbie, Transformers, Disney, Monster toys, television related toys, Godzilla and so much more. The collection which takes up thousands of square feet, is one that will shake a nostalgic tone and bring about several “AHA” moments.

The rare Hot Wheels will be added to Magee’s rare collection of toys and will tour with him throughout the country at upcoming toy fairs, media appearances and appraisal events.

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