Crowdfunders Squeeze Out Mainstream Comics in Best of 2021 Competition

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Perfect 10

The nominees for Best Comic of 2021 was a lengthy list, and picking through it to pick the best of the best was a lot like being asked to name your favorite child. But in the end, there were winners and losers and, for the first time in the history of Critical Blast, DC Comics had no position in the rankings.

Indeed, Marvel Comics only had one title bubble toward the top with King in Black, which tied with the Dave Sim crowdfunded hardcover, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond at 5.41% of all votes cast. From that point forward, the indie comics led the charge, with How to Die and Monster M.D. taking 6.76% each. 

The much acclaimed fan-favorite, Kamen America from Iconic Comics, took third place in the polls with a respectable 10.81% of the ballot, while there was a tie for second between 47 Furious Tales from Sinopa and Pocus Hocus from Bad Bug Media, each having a strong 17.57% of the vote.

But the number one title isn't just an indie comic, it's also a European import! Dave Brink and Pow Rodrix collaborated on this future story of classic superheroes and supervillains in the action adventure comic Perfect 10, slipping its competition and nabbing 20.27% of the vote.


Congratulations to this up and coming team of talent for delivering a comic that provably resonated with comic book fans!

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