Bellowings of "Bigotry" Begat by Big Brother Banishment Battle!

Big Brother 21 Cast

BIG BROTHER 21 is only two episodes into its season, and already Twitter is aflame.

With a summer camp theme, the BB21 contestants voted amongst themselves for the role of Camp Director, a position of power similiar to -- but not the same as -- the coveted Head of Household. Jackson Michie was granted the power, and learned he was going to have to nominate four people right away for banishment.

Banishment, however, was not eviction, but rather the selection of four competitors for a mini-game, where the loser would be temporarily evicted from the House.

Michie chose Cliff, David, Kemi, and Jessica--and Twitter quickly pounced on a pattern:


Is There a Way to Beat Roulette?

(Article Image: "Roulette" (CC BY 2.0) by Sonny Side Up!)

Roulette is one of the most famous and iconic casino games on the planet, and even people uninterested in staking money on things are familiar with the table game. Ever since the spinning wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal way back in 18th century France, people have been trying to work out ways to beat it and fix the result so that they can win money. But no matter what the cunning tricksters try, it’s usually the game and the house which prevail. So what are the methods that have been used? Are any actually viable?


Hey Galilee! You've Got Friends at Critical Blast!

Galilee and Mom

Every once in a great while, a cause arises, a call that requires the action of heroes -- some super, some magical, some simply out of this world.

This time the call came from a little girl named Galilee -- okay, specifically it came from her mom via Facebook, because Galilee is only 5 years old. But it was a call nonetheless. It seems Galilee was having a very common problem with an enemy we've all faced in our lives: bullies.

To be sure, people around the world began to respond. But it caught our attention here when it entered the world of the cosplayers, thanks to a cosplayer named Savannah Marie.

"I met Galilee about two years ago at Cincinnati comic con," Savannah tells us. "I remember her so well because she had this beautiful red hair and was so overly excited to see me."


Matt Damon: A Review of His Top Three Hollywood Appearances

Matt Damon: Still Looking Slick at 46

Matt Damon: Still Looking Slick at 46


Unreal – Legendary Video Game Engine

Back in 1998 gamers were being introduced to the true power of graphical technology. Dedicated graphics cards were the talk of the industry, and their ability to massively improve graphics the stuff of legend. A race arose among video game developers to create the best looking games, and PC gamers scrambled to afford a graphics card.

Many games at the time made use of accelerated graphics, but one game stood apart for delivering a next level gaming experience. Unreal. Created by Epic Games and released in 1998 the game made use of the most advanced graphics technology available, blowing minds with coloured and volumetric lighting. It was an incredible sight in 1998, so much so that many could scarcely believe their eyes.


TwoMorrows Opens Time Warp to Pop Culture Past

Retro Fan #1

TwoMorrows has carved a niche industry out of mining the past. And not just wistful retrospectives, but deep-dives into the history of cartoons, comic books, and superheroes, unearthing tidbits of pop culture archeology unknown by most fans today.


The Bond Movie We Want To See: GoldenHair


It's only a trailer -- and it's only a joke. Nevertheless, Huw Parkinson has gone viral with his video editing job that combines scenes from the James Bond franchise with audio and video of President Donald Trump and other political figures to create what would surely be a blockbuster hit of the summer: GOLDENHAIR!

Playing off current events with Korea, this trailer displays masterful technique in combining disparate audio and video, resulting in a seamless comedic enterprise. We've watched it several times already, and it leaves us both shaken and stirred.



How One Movie Caused a Tourism Shutdown

Maya Beach

The famous bay from “The Beach” will be closing to tourists for the first time. The bay will be closed every year for a short recovery period. 


Hortons, Here's a Poo!

Here's a tip to restaurant owners out there: If someone needs to use your restroom, let them.

A woman visiting a Langley, BC Tim Hortons apparently had Number Two as her priority Number One. So much so that when she was allegedly denied access to the restaurant's facilities, she laid her burdens down (so to speak) right there on the floor, before proceeding to wipe with a handful of napkins.

I've been to Tim Hortons.

Those napkins aren't soft enough for that.

The woman then threw her feces at the store clerk. And up til this point she seemed to be at least clean about it. I mean, c'mon. She used napkins!

Fortunately, the woman was arrested shortly thereafter, because the RCMP always get the guilty potty.

Meanwhile, the clerks remained inside, because they had shit to do. Literally.


Riverdale Confirms Death of Major Character

Riverdale fans who follow the fictional Instagram account of Kevin Keller (played by CASEY COTT) were given the news that Midge Klump (EMILIJA BARANAC), who was last seen impaled on the set wall of CARRIE: THE MUSICAL, is indeed dead.

Kevin writes, "Sometimes it takes tragedies to put things in perspective. RIP Midge you’ll be missed." This all but confirms that a major character has been written off of the series.


Superman Talk: Simonson and Ordway Deliver in "Five Minutes"

It's here! Action Comics #1000 is available today and we're covering yet another previously released story right out of the pages of the landmark issue!

"Five Minutes" is written by Louise Simonson with art by Jerry Ordway. Listen in as I discuss my thoughts about this self-contained story as well as share in my excitement for Action Comics #1000. Wednesday, April 18th will forever be a holiday for Superman fans, as it's the 80th anniversary of Action Comics #1.



Tom King's (Almost) Perfect Superman Story in Action Comics #1000

Not sure if you've heard by now but Action Comics #1000 comes out tomorrow. On the same day that Action Comics #1 debuted.

In AC1K Tom King (Batman, Grayson) tells a tale about the end of days for the planet Earth, and how Superman is visiting for one final goodbye to his parents. It's a beautiful homage to Ma and Pa Kent who took in an alien immigrant and raised him as their own. Loved him like he was born from them.

Then King ruined it with one panel. Give a listen to the latest "Superman Talk" and I'll explain why. If you haven't read his story yet and can't wait for tomorrow, you can read it for free here.



It's official! Disney purchases most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion

About a month ago, we had reported the rumors about Disney looking into buying Fox.  Today it looks like that deal was finalized...

From CNN:

Disney is buying a huge chunk of 21st Century Fox in a deal that promises to reshape the media industry and help the entertainment giant fend off digital rivals such as Netflix.

The $52.4 billion deal will combine two of the biggest players in Hollywood.

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