Critical Breakfast: Star Wars, Dr. Who and Wonder Woman

It’s Labor Day! A day to celebrate the contributions that workers have made to the strength and prosperity of our country. This means many of us get an extra day off. The pop-culture news and reviews may take a back seat to barbecue’s, so why waste time when there’s so much to do? We’ve compiled some top stories, you may have missed this past week, to get you started. So kick back, grab that morning cup o’ joe and enjoy your...

Critical Breakfast

Unfortunately the week started off with sad news, as ‘horror’ icon Wes Craven passed away. We take a look back at how Craven’s penchant for bringing us all nightmares, impacted the life of one of our own.

Singer/Songwriter, Larissa Lam, is the woman behind the wonder of her new album LOVE & DISCOVERY. In an interview, she tells us what inspired ‘Wonder Woman’, a song many are considering to be the official anthem for DC’s ‘power couple’.

A long time ago, in a document far, far away...we posted a review of STAR WARS FAQ: Everything Left To Know About the Trilogy. Is it worth your Galactic Credits?

Rock me Amadeus! We already knew that Greg Pak and Frank Cho will be the creative team behind the ‘All New, All Different’ HULK! But it’s totally awesome, now that we know who it is!

Rob Thomas had to reschedule his performance in St. Louis, so when he finally showed up with the White T's and Vinyl Station, we made sure to be there. Check out our coverage of "The Great Unknown" tour!

In 900 years of time and space you’ve never seen coverage of Dr Who like this! Arm yourselves with a Dr Who primer, before the season premiere on September 19!