The Emmy's, KISS and Doctor Who (Part 3)

Another week of entertainment and pop-culture is in the books. The end of Summer is drawing nigh as the morning air has begun to greet us with a chill. Apples and pumpkins are beginning to become the flavors many people turn to, for their drinks, in the form of cider and coffee. With all of that comes a new fall television lineup! But before we can get to covering all the new and exciting shows, let’s revisit the events of last week with your…

Critical Breakfast

What is ‘Prog-Rock’ and why aren’t you listening to it? The Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Live at Montreaux album will give you a fine example of what you’re missing.

You wanted the best, you got the best! Last week it was announced that KISS is the new Gold Standard for American Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Grab your sonic screwdrivers and enter the TARDIS for part 3 of: A Beginner’s Guide to Doctor Who!

With the Emmy’s now behind us, there’s a trend that seems to be putting pressure on traditional networks.

We hunted down the complete 10th season of Supernatural on blu-ray. Is the level of enjoyment beyond scientific understanding?

Find out why we feel that not owning Season 1 of Gotham is downright criminal!