Did Big Brother Paul and Raven Meet Pre-Show?

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Big Brother 19 Raven and Paul -- before Big Brother!

This season of BIG BROTHER on CBS has been rife with fan speculation that things aren't perhaps as unscripted as a reality show is supposed to be.

Earlier this season, contestant Christmas Abbott broke several bones in her foot. This injury has eliminated her from several physical competitions. And yet last week, she was allowed to participate in--of all things--a footrace. Why? Because the Svengali of the house, Paul Abrahamian,had orchestrated events such that everyone would drop out, provided two key players did so first. Conveniently, the two players Paul relied on dropping first, Kevin Schlehuber and Alex Ow, were placed on either side of him. As per Paul's plan, everyone dropped until only Christmas was left, leaving her the winner of a footrace where nobody ever had to run. But CBS couldn't know that everyone actually would drop--could they? I mean, someone could have decided to actually run for it, in which case the network would have been obligated to inform Christmas that she couldn't play, as they have done in the past.

But a favorite little fan conspiracy theory comes to us by way of the Internet. Dance instructor (as well as Olympic runner, astronaut, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and whatever else happens to pop up on her resume this week), Raven Walton, has a particularly interesting photo on her Instagram page.

Do you recognize these two Big Brother contestants?


A post shared by Raven Walton (@walton_raven) on Mar 6, 2017 at 1:11pm PST

Note that the photo is timestamped March 6th. BIG BROTHER 19 debuted on June 28, three and a half months later.

Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

* * * UPDATE SEPTEMBER 13 * * *

Not only did Raven Walton know Paul prior to BIG BROTHER 19, now it has been revealed that Paul's ride-or-die, Christmas Abbott also knows Paul, and worked for his mother for an unspecified length of time!

Somewhere Charles van Doren is having a laugh that some things never change. Are we playing BIG BROTHER -- or is CBS re-doing the old 21 quiz show under a new name?