Holy Lindsey Lohan Batman! The Perpetually Problematic Performer to Play Batgirl?

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The often troubled Lindsey Lohan has thrown her cowl in the ring for consideration to play Barbara Gordon, aka BATGIRL.

Joss Whedon is set to direct the movie, announced months before the big shakeup at DC Films, which placed Walter Hamada as the new president. There's no guarantee that Hamada will continue with the project however, as we've seen many movies get cancelled or lose their directors.

Lindsey Lohan took to twitter last week asking her fans to "RT if I should star in the new BATGIRL movie and everyone tell (Joss Whedon)". After being in and out of re-hab, its nice to see that she feels stable enough to get back into Hollywood, but being a red-headed actress doesn't exactly give her an automatic look.


The last thing DC Films needs is more controversy surrounding one of their movies. They've had their fill with directorial shake-ups for AQUAMAN, THE FLASH, and JUSTICE LEAGUE.

I don't suspect Walter Hamada wants to take that big a risk.

Its still too early in the process to determine if Whedon's handling of JUSTICE LEAGUE was criminal enough to have him removed from BATGIRL, he's been critic proof up until now.

Would you want to see Lindsey Lohan and Joss Whedon become the dynamic duo behind BATGIRL?