Friend or Foe? An Unexpected Ally For Voltron in Season 5

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The hit animated series on Netflix, Voltron, continues to push out seasons quickly so fans never have to wait too long for the next chapter.

After having only been out for two years, season 5 is arriving in shocking fashion. When we last left the paladins the Galra empire seemed to be in dissaray as Prince Lotor severed himself from Zarkon's command.

Now it appears he may be offering his services to the paladins of Voltron. As the rebellion begins to solidify itself as a viable threat to Zarkon's rule, the paladins wonder if Lotor can be trusted.

Get ready for some more rip-roaring action and intrigue as season 5 of Voltron comes to Netflix on Friday, March 2nd. Check out a teaser of what's to come in the trailer below.