Apex: Legends Character Profile - Gibraltar

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One of the things that makes Apex: Legends so unique is their voice talent. In this week’s Apex Legend spotlight, we’ll be diving into the one called: Gibraltar.


Voiced by legendary character actor, Branscombe Richmond. You may not recognize the name but he's played a lot of bit parts in movies that you have either seen or heard of. An American actor and stuntman he carries a mixed descent that includes: Native American, Hawaiian, English, French, French Polynesian, Spanish, and Portuguese. He's best known for appearing in movies such as Commando (1985), Hard to Kill (1990), Batman: Returns (1992), and The Scorpion King (2002).


Not that anyone’s sexuality is vital to a battle royale style gameplay, it’s important to note that Respawn Entertainment went above and beyond to define and diversify each character in the game. In this case, Gibraltar is a husky homo-sexual of polynesian descent. In the character description, that can be found on EA’s website, it’s mentioned that he stole a motorcycle with his boyfriend. A person’s sexuality won’t determine their ability to fire a weapon or provide support on the battlefield, but Respawn clearly has a greater end game in mind with these characters.


Whether it’s merchandising or even spin-offs, they’ve invested a lot of time to provide as much detail as possible.


In Apex Legends, players have an opportunity to unlock "quips" as much as character and weapon skins. It really brings the legend to life when playing the game and offers them much more depth than just a character on a selection screen. Respawn entertainment put a lot of work into making sure their characters were important to the experience of the game. Based on the below list, Gibraltar seems like a fun loving fellow, who is also cocky and unforgiving.


To finish out this week’s character profile, we here at Critical Blast have compiled the complete list of Gibraltar’s quips. Enjoy!


Hahaha, I just do the job

What can I say, I love what I do

My shield, My life

Ay, try and move me, it'll be fun

You see me, you're finished

C'mon brotha, step up

Alright brotha, Gibraltar's comin' for ya

Good luck brotha's

Great, good, wonderful

Here we go! Better hope you're with me

This is gonna hurt you, more than me

I'm not hard to miss, and I don't miss

I'm like a rock, but rocks don't hit back

I'm ready, are you?

Hey, it's a beautiful day, let's make the most of it

Just another day, another title

Try what you want, it won't make a difference

Hey brotha watch out, here I come

I'm either with ya or you’re done

You push, I slam

That was all I needed brotha

Whew awesome battle, maybe next time

Whoo it's an awesome feeling to win

Hey I really know how to bring the fun into this

Bye brotha, see you later

I can't help but to compliment myself

Hey, just Gibraltar getting the job done

Awww yeah, Gibraltar wins again

Hey, that was a good match brotha

Haha I gotcha

Hey, I brought it, you did it

Haha some call it luck, I call it skill

I said it and I believe it, I'm winning today

It's all in the attitude and I got a LOT of it

It's just my skill, can't help it

Hey you just got it handed to ya brother, nice try

Brotha it just wasn't your fight

You have some skill, keep at it, so I can beat you again

Looks like my training paid off

Awww this is my favorite part

Never turn your back on Gibraltar

Not today, maybe tomorrow

Not too bad, but not too good either brotha

Ya got to admit that was pretty good right?

Respect brother

Thank you for the kill brother

Thanks for pushing me my brother

Hey that didn't work out to well for you pal

Hey that was fun for me

That's how you change a life

That's what you get for messing with Gibraltar

The pleasure is all yours

The sun is shining bright on me today

This is Gibraltar's match

Looks like today's my day brother

Hey good try, maybe try harder next time

Too slow, too weak, whatever the case I got you

You didn't fight horribly, that's a good thing

Hey brotha, you lost this time

You should be proud to be defeated by Gibraltar

You tried, you died