2019's Best Comics Writer: Scott Snyder

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Scott Snyder Justice League Best Writer 2019

Looking back over 2019, there were a number of high-profile comic arcs that caught the attention of the fans. Some of those were the annual event or non-canonical runs, like Tom Taylor's DCEASED, which brought a zombie apocalypse to the DC Universe. Geoff Johns' sequel to WATCHMEN, DOOMSDAY CLOCK crossed universes to tell it's tale, while Jonathan Hickman received critical acclaim for his remastering of Marvel's mighty mutants in HOUSE OF X. 

But there were also notable runs this past year in your ongoing series that focused our eyes on the people crafting the latest twists and turns in the lives of our favorite characters. Brian Michael Bendis stunned us by having Superman reveal his identity publicly to the world, while Donny Cates and Kelly Thompson enjoyed the increased readership on their titles, VENOM and CAPTAIN MARVEL thanks to the appearance of their characters in theatrical films.

But the real horse race this year came down to two DC writers: Tom King for BATMAN and Scott Snyder for JUSTICE LEAGUE. It was, in fact, such a close call that we had to increase the number of significant digits in the percentage breakdowns, just to better see the split

Finally, when all the numbers were crunched and all the math was finally settled, it was Snyder who took the crown this year, for having weaved an iconic odyssey spanning multiverses, the climax of which we have still yet to fully realize as the events have spread out to include DC's YEAR OF THE VILLAIN and the current ongoing miniseries, HELL ARISEN.

So congratulations to Scott Snyder for taking comics fans on a wild ride in 2019.