Drawn to Success: Best Comics Artist of 2019 is Ivan Reis

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Ivan Reis Superman Best Comics Artist 2019

In the five years of running the Critical Blast Best Awards, we've never sweated bullets as much as we have over this year's Best Comics Artist category. Every day we peeked in on the results, the top spot would belong to someone different, and the margins were nearly microscopic! And while there was a minor skirmish going on at the lower end of the poll between independent crowdfunding publishers Doug TenNapel and Ethan Van Sciver (who won this award for 2017), the real battle was taking place between Gary Frank (DOOMSDAY CLOCK), J. Scott Campbell (BLACK CAT) and Ivan Reis (SUPERMAN).

Even when it came down to only two frontrunners, we were debating what to do if, after all those votes came in, we had a tie for the top spot. But as narrow as the margins were -- narrow enough we needed to get into decimals to eliminate rounding errors -- there was in fact a popular vote winner. As the polls were closed out and the dust had settled, one emerged victorious.

For his work throughout 2019 on DC COMICS' Superman titles, the readers of Critical Blast have selected IVAN REIS as the Best Comics Artist of the Year.

Congratulations, Ivan! Well fought and well deserved!