Which Next-Gen Gaming System is Right for You?

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

When it comes to which gaming platform we like to play on, most of us need to first consider the cost. While some might be fortunate enough to be able to drop the cash for every system under the sun, the rest of us need to balance a whole range of factors to make the right choice. In this article, we want to investigate the most important parts, to help guide you into the right purchase for yourself or a lucky friend or family member.


For Dedicated Series Enthusiasts

If you or the person you’re buying for has a particular love for a certain game series, then it can be best to see where these games lead. Sony, for example, has series like Ratchet and Clank, The Last of Us, and Spider-Man unique to their systems. If you want to play Zelda or Mario, then you’ll probably have to stick to Nintendo’s Switch. Microsoft, one the other hand, are opening their games up to PC, which means you might not strictly to have to purchase the Xbox Series S or X to play their titles.

Those Looking for Choice

If you're the type of gamer seeking the most varied experience possible, then the PC is going to be your best bet. For the PC itself, you essentially have access to every PC and browser game ever created. Steam is a great help for the PC game front, as are other sales systems like GoG and Humble Bundle. Online casino gamers are also well suited on the PC front, with websites like those listed on CasinoWings giving an immense range of bonuses and games to play, highlighting the choice available on the platform. The fundamental limiting factor is going to be console exclusives, but this isn't as much of a problem as you might think. As mentioned, Xbox is leaning on multiplatform releases, so PC will have you covered there. Nintendo and Sony, however, can be a bit trickier to manage.

Sony has started to explore releasing some of their older games onto the PC, with the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn being released on PC this year. While they haven't fully embraced this approach yet, there are signs they may release more games onto the PC. However, Nintendo is still the holdout and has not released any PC offerings at all.

Going Mobile

A few years ago, we might have been laughed at for this suggestion, but in the modern age, a smartphone is becoming an increasingly viable primary gaming platform. There has been a huge increase in mobile-focused games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, and PubG, alongside continually improving mobile exclusives and multiplatform games.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by TheBetterDay

Just note that for the best out of a mobile experience, you’ll probably want to invest in a supported game-pad. A lot of games work perfectly with touch-controls, but a more tactile controller experience tends to improve the overall experience. You’ll also want to consider a 5G compatible phone for game-streaming services like Stadia or Project xCloud. These systems don’t quite live up to their potential yet, but they are constantly improving.

Following Your Friends

The final thing you'll need to consider is the multiplayer environment. While cross-play, the connection of different systems into a singular multiplayer player-base, is increasingly common, it’s not yet standard. Because of this, it can be best to invest in the same system as your friends if you mostly game together. We’ve accidentally overlooked this before, and believe us, it sucks.

Nokia N-Gage QD" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Andrew Currie

Of course, all of these options will need to be carefully weighed against your budget, and the space that you have available. Whatever you go with, remember that the console/pc wars are nothing, and not worth thinking about. That is unless somebody is playing on an N-Gage, in which case confusion is a perfectly valid response.