Sonya Devereaux, Hollywood's 306th Best Actress, Comes First with Best Comic of 2020

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Best Comics of 2020 - Starring Sonya Devereaux

Every year, Critical Blast opens up the polls to our readers to select the best of everything entetainment, in multiple categories. And while some categories slimmed down this year due to the spread of coronavirus forcing people to stay home, the comic book business has seen a boom, thanks largely to a number of independent creators who have turned away from the traditional publishing market and toward crowdfunding to get their four-color fantasies fit to print and into the hands of readers.

So we expected this year for there to be more nominations for the Best Comic of 2020 -- but we didn't expect there to be this many! In fact, from the "Big Two" publishers, only one storyline garnered enough votes to break out of the "Other" category so that it could stand on its own, that being James Tynion IV's "The Joker War" which spanned multiple Batman titles at DC. And even that one only pulled in 4.17% of this year's vote, being outclassed by Hero Tomorrow's Punchline and the Vaude-Villains #1 and Iconic Comics' Kamen America: Stars and Strife

Taking a surprising third place in the running this year is an independent title hailing from Comicsgate UK -- Commi3 Mark's fumettie satire, The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea, which garnered 6.67% of the vote. Scoring slightly higher to take the runner up spot is Antarctic Press's Rags, written by Brian Ball. That's a second place position that took 7.5% of all votes.

But the winner this year wasn't a squeaker. It wasn't even close. It was a complete and utter blowout, as The Little Blonde that Would... er... Could showed off her star appeal. Hailing from American Mythology, Starring Sonya Devereaux is a comedic approach to comics starring the 306th best actress in Hollywood, with each episode being one of the schlocky, straight-to-video B-movie sequels that she starred in. Whether she's "Debutante Desperado" in the old west, a teenaged bloodsucker in "Vampire Academy 4" or an axe-swinging warrior princess in "Warrior Woman Death Team 5," Sonya's team never fails to bring complete stories with sexy humor that's as fun to read as it is to look at. And the fans apparently agreed, piling onto the competition to give Sonya a whopping 56.67% of all votes cast!

Congratulations to American Mythology, and the Starring Sonya Deveraux team of Todd Livingston, Nick Capetanakis, and Brian & Brendon Fraim!