7 Reasons You Need a Dueling Lightsaber in Your Geek Collection

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Rainbow of Lightsabers

One of the most active fanbases around the world is Star Wars fans. Seeing them get together for new movie premiers and events is inspiring because of how excited they get about the whole franchise. 

Star Wars has made a massive dent in pop culture, with icons like Darth Vader and the Millennium Falcon. But probably the most memorable thing about Star Wars is the lightsabers. If you’re a fan, then you might already have a lightsaber or you’re planning on getting one from the actual brand or other dueling lightsaber makers, such as Galaxy Sabers, and toy customizers. 

What Are Dueling Lightsabers?

In the Star Wars universe, Obi-Wan mentioned how he saw the lightsaber as an elegant weapon for a civilized age. Also, from the movies, you can see just how the Sith or the Jedi use it.

The lightsaber fight scenes in the movies aren’t just the simple clashing of plasma swords. It’s intricately choreographed and based on actual fight styles. The lore is so deep that the Jedi and the Sith utilize different fight styles. Even each wielder of the lightsaber uses unique fighting styles.

Fans might want their own lightsaber, so toys and replicas have been made to meet this demand. Lightsabers available on the market can either be flimsy plastic toys made for children, accurate models meant for display, and dueling lightsabers made for combat. The last one can be used for sparring and withstand intense impact. 

Why Do You Need A Dueling Lightsaber?

A dueling lightsaber has its own perks and features that make them unique and fantastic pieces for your collection. Here are a few reasons as to why you might want to get one:



  1. More Durable

The first thing that sets dueling lightsabers apart from toys and replicas is that they’re more durable. Since they’re made for combat, they could take a beating quite well. So, even if you’re clumsy and have no safe storage for it, the lightsaber could avoid damage better. 

  1. Well Made

You’ve probably seen cheap, plastic, and retractable lightsaber toys made for kids. These toys don’t exactly appeal to adult fans, and they’re not marketed to them either. 

As more adult fans are becoming open about collecting pieces, like toys, there’s a desire for better quality products. So, brands and companies are trying to tap into this market by creating high-quality dueling lightsabers that could satisfy more mature fans. 

  1. Can Be Custom Made

Another reason why a dueling lightsaber might be something worth adding to your collection is that they can be customized. If you’ve tried to think about what lightsaber you would build if you were a Jedi, then you probably already imagined or put it on paper. 

You might even have your eye on specific hilts and colors featured in the franchise. For instance, Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber is one of the rarest and coolest aesthetic-wise. If you’re inspired by some of the lightsabers of characters or your own imagination, it’s possible to customize that dueling lightsaber. 

  1. Have Better And More Advanced Sound Effects 

Aside from the glowing plasma blade, another striking feature is the sound effects. In the movies and series, you might notice how there are different kinds of sound effects. Some lightsabers in the market have already included sound effects in their toys. However, there’s a massive difference between a high-quality soundboard with better sound effects and installed better. If the hilt and blade cannot handle impact, the soundboard inside could be rattled around, disconnected, and destroyed. 

This is why a dueling lightsaber has better sound effects because the durability keeps the wiring for the sound effects intact. Not only that, there’s more attention paid to the details and sound effects. 

  1. Equipped With Motion Sensitive Sound Effects

As mentioned above, when the lightsaber moves, there’s a specific sound effect that pairs with it. Even when the plasma blade is still, there’s a humming sound that can be heard. Because of this, an accurate lightsaber toy or replica should have the proper sound effects depending on how it’s moved. 

Some lightsaber toys have sound effects, but they’re pretty limited and not always motion-sensitive. You might have to press a button to activate the sound effects, but it doesn’t make a sound when you swing it around.

Newer and better-made dueling lightsabers have motion-activated sound effects. And, they’re not just simple ones that make random noises no matter how you move them. These days, the motion sensors could tell the motion of the saber and pair it with the accurate sound effect. So, when you’re reenacting a fight scene or just trying out some moves, you could get specific noises.

  1. Withstand Duels

As dueling lightsabers, they’re not just durable enough to handle minor hits and falls. They’re made to be used for actual combat, so you could use them for sparring. The blades themselves are usually made from high-grade polycarbonate. 

Depending on the brand, you could choose the grade and the length of the blade. So, you could choose one that’s shorter or longer, depending on what you’re comfortable with. Moreover, the grade you choose can determine how intensely you can duel with them. There are ones meant for light dueling, while there are also ones meant for intense combat. 

  1. Make Great Display Pieces

As far as collecting goes, dueling lightsabers are great for display, too. The accurately made hilts, high-quality polycarbonate blade, and bright LED lights make them beautifully crafted art pieces.

You might want to mount it on your wall as a decorative piece whenever you aren’t dueling with it.




Lightsabers are some of the most popular items that you could find in the ocean of Star Wars merchandise. But when it comes to high-quality ones that are durable and could withstand high impact, a dueling lightsaber might be the best choice for you.

Even though these are essentially made to be used for combat, they’re still beautifully crafted. Moreover, they have other features, like sound effects and motion sensors, that make them far more advanced than lightsabers that are only made for display.