Rez Infinite

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polygonal rhythm shooting game

Rez Infinite is a polygonal rhythm shooting game where you control a polygon avatar that has to take down enemies that fly by you while you fly though a virtual landscape similar to Hackers the movie and Starfox for the SNES. Your attacks go along with the rhythm of the catchy techno background music but keeping up with the beat of the music isn't the main objective of the game but taking down enemies, leveling up to build your avatar and make your way to the boss to earn that sweet victory is what your main focus is.

The game was first released October 13th 2016 but it still holds up till this day and has even adapted to VR to help enhance the familiar experience and it's honestly amazing to see developers taking an older game and tweaking it to fit in with the current time just to spice things up!

If you haven't had the luxury to experience Rex Infinite then do not worry, you didn't miss your chance when it came out on the original X Box as it has been released on Steam for PC. Here is a video of me playing Rez Infinite if you're interested?