Childhood Toys and Games that May be Valuable

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Star Wars Toys

Photo by Michael Marais on Unsplash

Most people’s childhoods are a time of fun, fascination and discovery. It is a period of our lives where play is an important part of our growth and development and allows us to learn new skills as well as socialize with other kids. Most adults warmly remember their favorite toys and games from their childhood years. Games such as connect 4 were simple but great fun when played against a friend, and some adults in the 40’s will nostalgically remember the first hand held computers with LCD screens that allowed us to play simple yet addictive games that provided enjoyment for hours on end. You may be surprised to learn that some old toys and games are worth considerable amounts of money today depending on their age and condition. In this article three of the top toys, games and kids’ entertainment that have significant sales values today will be discussed.

1. Comic collections

Many young people will have had a fascination with the comics of their favorite superheroes and remember spending hours engrossed in the latest battles between good and evil. The artwork for some comics was spectacular and the hand drawn style has become iconic. Some comics from decades ago have become exceptionally rare and those that are first editions or contain the first appearance of a superhero or villain that subsequently gain popularity have become highly prized. A key part of the value of old comics are the condition they are in. A CGC grading scale is used to accurately determine the condition of used comics with a score of 10 being perfect and untouched. As an example of the immense value of some collectible comics, the most sought after comic, Action comics #1 which saw the first appearance of superman is worth $3.2 million with a CGC rating of 9.0! Today collectors can boost their Graded Comic Book collection by visiting auctions and specialist collector websites. Many collectors buy more recent comics in pristine and leave them untouched in the hope that they appreciate over the decades.

2. Star Wars Action Figures

Star Wars is one of the most popular sci fi franchises of all time with millions of devoted fans to the series of films around the world. When the first Star Wars film was released in cinemas in 1977 it proved to be enormously successful and spawned a wide range of children’s toys that allowed kids to recreate their own Star Wars universe. Many adults will remember with great fondness battling against Darth Vader with their Luke Skywalker action figure or fighting imperial storm troopers in running battles around their living room. Today immaculate condition figures such as early models of Darth Vader can sell for thousands of dollars.

3. Pokémon trading cards

Pokémon trading cards were first manufactured in Japan back in 1966, long before western audiences had heard about them. Many adults remember watching Pokémon cartoons on television during their youth and rushing out to buy the related trading cards to battle them against friends. As with many collectibles, the condition and rarity of the trading cards is of paramount importance in determining their current value. An ultra-rare Pikachu illustrator card from Japan is worth an estimated $100K! If you or your family were Pokémon fans it is well worth having a look in your attic to see if you have any ultra-rare cards that may well be worth a great deal of money.