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Get Out of This Ladies Clothing & Into Our Tights: WeLoveFine Leggings

WeLoveFine Star Wars Marvel Leggings Geek

Let's just set the record straight before we even start here, I am far from a fashionista. But I am, however, a certified geek. I was raised on a healthy diet of comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, and wrestling. Growing up in a family of boys, I didn't have much of an opportunity for princesses and glitter. I did, though, have the X-Men and X-Factor living on the balcony of the Barbie dream house.

On that note, I recently decided to bring my love of pop culture to my wardrobe. I've always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but, being a teacher, I can't wear that to school. So, I've endeavored to drag myself into the 21st century and invest in leggings. My first set of leggings, of course, had to push the boundaries. Frankly, who needs standard black leggings when you can have Marvel characters splashed across the sides?


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