Lejonklou Entity: Follow-Up

In my recent review of the Lejonklou Entity Moving Coil-only Phono Stage, I extolled the virtues of how much more musical and natural it made my records sound.

In that review, I also mentioned how Frederick Lejonklou, the designer of the Entity, created and voiced the phono stage using Linn Silver Cables. Other reviewers of the Entity, who used these cables instead of their personal choices, preferred the sound with the Linn Cables. Even someone I trust unequivocally, Charlie Schnyder of Stereo Haven, who doesn’t normally use Linn Cables in anything else and was skeptical at first, assured me of how wonderful the sound was using the Linn cables over the Auditorium A23 cables (which were the cables I originally used to listen to the Entity and which made beautiful music together).


Elevate Your Elearning with Gamification: Unleash the Power of Engagement

Elevate Your Elearning with Gamification

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Are you ready to revolutionize your elearning experience? Gamification is your secret weapon, and we're here to show you how it can transform your learning journey. Buckle up for an exciting ride as we delve into the world of gamification, explore its myriad benefits, and present real-life examples that will inspire you to take action.

The Game-Changer: Gamification Unveiled

Picture this: your elearning courses are no longer mundane, passive experiences. Instead, they become immersive adventures that captivate and motivate learners. This is the magic of gamification—an ingenious blend of game elements strategically infused into online courses.


Why is Binance Australia Discontinuing its PayID Deposit Service?

Binance Australia

More and more users have recently complained about problems with Binance transfers via PayID. Now we know that the exchange blocked the system at the third party request, the payment service provider Cuscal. Their representative stated they want to protect Australians from fraudsters and financial crimes.

It is worth noting that this does not affect the overall payment system activity. The company continues to work in and shops, when paying for services, etc. So what happened?


Slot Machine: The Fascinating History and Evolution of Slots

Slot Machines

People play slots every day, but have you ever stopped to think about how they work and where they came from? The history of slots goes back further than you may think, and since their early days they have stayed on the cutting edge of technology to keep offering players plenty of fun, and jackpots.

To get the most from playing slots online or in brick-and-mortar arcades and casinos it helps if you know a little more about them, and how they work. This quick guide should set you up for some slot slaying, so you can pull the lever, hit hold or nudge, and maybe grab a jackpot or two for yourself.

The Genesis Of Slots


How to Get Your Recording Studio Set Up in 2023

Studio Set Up

Getting a recording studio set up in 2023 can be a challenge. With the cost of living going up, the availability of studio spaces, and everything else going on in the world at the moment, it can be just another added stress to what should be an exciting experience.

That said, there are so many ways that you can still find some fun in making your studio a fantastic space that inspires artists and gets your production rolling. However, you need to plan carefully to ensure you go about it the right way. 

Getting new equipment

Getting a new recording studio means a lot of new equipment. This can be exciting, especially if you are currently just using the backroom in your flat to get recordings done. So, you should make sure that you are getting your hands on some great new tech and making sure that you are getting your money's worth out of your old. You should be ensuring that you are getting this stage right to get the most out of it later on.


How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay

How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay

In the bustling realm of academia, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology for tasks like writing essays is no longer a futuristic dream; it’s today’s reality. Among the game-changing advancements in this field, OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, shines like a beacon, illuminating a path to success for students and professionals alike. Using ChatGPT to write an essay is akin to having a personal academic coach, ready to assist you at any hour of the day. It’s a transformative tool that blends cutting-edge technology and the art of writing, promising to simplify the daunting task of crafting a compelling essay.


13 Factors to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

Solar Power

Are you considering putting solar panels on your roof? There are a lot of benefits to having solar panels in your home.

You'll be contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and helping keep our planet healthy. But if you're a first-timer with this sort of thing, it can be hard to know how to start.

So, you're looking for some tips and advice as to what to look for? Then you've come to the right place. Here are the factors you should consider when buying solar panels for your home. Read on!

1. The Overall Power Rating 

The power rating is typically associated with the performance of the solar system but is also an indication of how efficient a panel is. It is essential to determine the exact wattage requirements of the solar panel you need when you buy, as it will help you narrow down your selection.


Hide Your IP with a VPN Extension for Chrome

VPN Extensions for Chrome

Your IP address is your online identity. It reveals your physical location, as well as activities you make online. In order to protect your privacy and security, you may want to hide your IP address. A VPN extension for Chrome is the perfect solution for this.

Definition of IP address

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. It can reveal information about the user’s physical location, as well as activities they make online.

Reasons to hide your IP

Hiding your IP address is important for several reasons. It can help protect your privacy and security, as well as help you access content that is restricted in your area. It can also help you bypass censorship and access geo-restricted websites.


Using VPNs When Streaming and Gaming

Gaming Girl using a VPN

The need for a VPN for basic privacy and security reasons is something most savvy Internet users are already aware of. But when it comes to streaming movies and playing online games, the rules get a little more tricky as to when you should use one.


Digital Masterpieces: 5 Photo Editing Ideas That Grab Attention

Photo Editing Ideas

Do you want to stop people dead in their tracks with your digital art? Try a new approach to image editing with these creative photo editing ideas!


Which Will Give You the Best Gaming Experience: Proxies or VPN?

Proxy or VPN?

Lately, US headlines have been filled with themes of privacy risks posed by self-government. Now internet service providers in the US can sell their customers browsing history without permission, and of course, the government has passed this regulation. This privacy risk comes from the government, hackers, malware, and so on.

These days, internet security is one thing everyone should have. That's the reason why we talk about stuff like proxies or VPNs. Today, we will discuss the differences between VPNs and proxies.

VPN and Proxies

Many VPN (Virtual Private Network) services are spread on the Internet. But what exactly is a VPN?

Just like with a proxy, a VPN also functions to divert or cover up the real presence of the Internet Service user, so it seems as if you are in a different location when you access the Internet.


Black Friday Shopping? Black Out Your Private Info!

Online Privacy with a VPN

With the rapid approach of Thanksgiving (or, as I like to call it, the Christmas Season Halftime Show, since we start up the holiday carols at the stroke of 12:01 on Halloween night now), we prepare for that calling of the herds of shoppers which is Black Friday. It's a consumer event that has evolved in the past decades as the Internet has given people the opportunity to scratch that shopping itch without having to tackle granny over that last red knit scarf or get hip-checked by a shopping cart to knock you out of the way of the limited edition Tickle Me Fuzzydoll. Now you can put the half-eaten turkey carcass in the fridge, turn on the football game of your choice, and flip open your laptop to browse items from the comfort of your living room.

But is that safer than getting out among the madding crowd? Perhaps in terms of potential bumps and bruises, but there are still a few precautions you should keep in mind when shopping online.


Big Media: "All Your Copyright Are Belong To Us!"

Big Media

If you've shared anything on the Internet, whether in video, image, or textual form, you're probably at least glancingly familiar with copyright laws. It doesn't matter if it's accidental, if it's a small infringement, if you did it with or without the intent to make any money from the matter, or even if you credited the copyright owners: If it belongs to someone else, you're violating copyright.

In most cases, a violation will be handled simply by the removal of the content. Other places, like YouTube, will either mute a segment of video that has copyrighted material or, if the video is monetized, send that monetization to the original copyright holder. They won't overlook you. Big Media employs teams of lawyers who specialize in looking for these kinds of things in order to protect their intellectual properties (often referred to as "IP").


What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Carton Elevator

Ryson Carton Elevator

A carton elevator is suitable equipment for a business that needs to transfer their goods from one place to another. To make sure that it works well for you, you must consider your exact specifications and needs. Whether you have manual goods handling problems or you want to improve work efficiency, you can find a carton elevator that meets your needs.

Remember that it can be tricky to choose the right carton elevator considering that there are several options available to you. Carton elevators can vary depending on loads, sizes, and types. This page discusses what you need to consider before buying a carton elevator.

Determine the tasks you want the carton elevator to do


Do Students Need a Computer?

Students Need Computers

If you are currently preparing to head off to college in the fall, you may be wondering what technology you need. Most students are on a budget, and this can make it difficult to know what to buy, and you may even be wondering if you can get through your studies just using a tablet. This article explores what you should think about technology wise before you start your course.

Can I Use My Tablet?

The short answer is probably yes. If you already have a tablet that can connect to the internet and access things like Google Docs for word processing your essays, then it’s quite possibly suitable. And, you can always pop into your college library to access a desktop PC if you should need one. However, there are some huge drawbacks to only having a tablet for your studies.


How to Use Mic and Headphones with One Jack PC

Two Plugs One Jack

It certainly is a difficult task to use two devices that require an audio jack and only one jack is present on your PC. Around two decades ago when PCs and laptops were starting to become a norm in the world, systems back then came with two ports. One for the headphone jack and one for the microphone jack.

In today’s day there is usually a single port given for users where they need to use their headphones along with their microphone. Hence, the question becomes, how can a user use both devices using a single port. There are two major ways you can make use of both jacks: with and without a splitter.

Apart from these two sections, we shall also be discussing as to why users make use of single jack headsets when used without the splitter. Don’t skip anything in between or you might miss out on the few good tips we have to give to you.

Without Splitter


Which Cloud Storage System to Choose

Cloud Computing

When deciding to use cloud storage to give your enterprise applications the flexibility and scalability they need, your company will face the choice of a particular cloud storage system. We suggest using a short tutorial to help you decide which type of cloud storage is best for your projects. Game Insider also advises on how to combine different types of storage to improve system functionality and save money.

There are three types of cloud storage today: block storage, object storage, and file storage. If we look at the features of such storage in the context of real tasks, we will see their advantages and disadvantages.


Three Finnish Inventions That Changed the World

Finnish Inventions

Finland is known for many great things, including northern lights, fantastic winters, and epic Eurovision contestants. What Finland isn’t best known for, and probably should be, is its talent for great inventions. It’s not necessarily recognized on a global scale as a hub for technology or innovation, and so its creations are often overlooked.

So, in this article, we’re going to celebrate Finland and some of the best things to come from the country. Check them out below.

Nokia Phones

The original Nokia phones are now looked back on fondly as reliable and robust pieces of kit, especially when compared to today’s modern smartphone. Most of us had a Nokia 3310 during our childhood, and will always remember Snake as being one of the first (and most fun) mobile games.


How You Can Start an Online Casino Business That's Profitable

How to Start an Online Casino

Online casinos and betting businesses are gaining rampant popularity among the masses. However, this is where most people are going berserk. Just because online casinos are becoming more popular doesn’t mean that you can start an online casino business without any preface or research. There are popular casinos where you can get into online football odds in Naija and try your hands at passive income. However, setting up the business to such heights of success takes time and a lot of effort.

This article will highlight all that you need to know about starting a profitable online casino business.

Start with basic research


Top Mobile Game Genres

Top Mobile Game Genres

Mobile gaming is a massive industry. The days of playing Snake 2 on your Nokia 3310 are long gone. Now, you can play pretty much any genre of game on your mobile. Here are the top mobile game genres.

Action / Adventure

This is probably the most popular genre on the mobile platform. Games such as Assassin's Creed Pirates and Shadowgun Legends are examples of action/adventure games. The player typically plays an agile protagonist that has a special gun, sword, or magical ability. They must go through levels full of enemies and solve puzzles to complete the game.


These are games that don't take themselves too seriously. If the player fails, they get a game over screen and can try again. Arcade games often have bonuses, power-ups, or extra lives to give the player an advantage

Battle Royal


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