Why is Binance Australia Discontinuing its PayID Deposit Service?

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Binance Australia

More and more users have recently complained about problems with Binance transfers via PayID. Now we know that the exchange blocked the system at the third party request, the payment service provider Cuscal. Their representative stated they want to protect Australians from fraudsters and financial crimes.

It is worth noting that this does not affect the overall payment system activity. The company continues to work in https://payid-casinos.com/ and shops, when paying for services, etc. So what happened?

What Is the Reason?

Binance branch representatives talk about the increased fraud level. PayID, like any other anonymous payment system, creates opportunities for fraudsters and criminal elements to use it to perform illegal transactions, circumvent financial restrictions, and conceal the origin of funds. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding platforms, there is a need to strengthen security measures and track financial flows.

One of the possible ways to increase fraud protection in PayID and other similar payment systems is to improve the processes of verifying the identity and source of funds. Additional ways to detect and block improper transactions include transaction analysis, suspicious activity detection, and cooperation with regulators and law enforcement.

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Maintaining a balance between convenience and security in systems such as PayID is essential to allow legitimate users to conduct transactions without unnecessary obstacles while preventing possible fraudsters and malicious actors from abusing the system.

The company promised to find an alternative for Australian payments. What to do now? You can use the other exchange services or simply choose another payment method.

Other Options

Some of the possible payment methods on Binance include:

  1. Bank cards. Users can add and use their credit or debit cards for deposits. Visa/Mastercard are the most popular ones. You need your card number and the transfer amount to cash in, but you must provide the bank with a lot of information to get the card in the first place.
  2. Bank transfer. A well-known, albeit outdated, method. You have to wait longer, but you will get your money guaranteed. Payment usually takes up to 2 business days.
  3. Cryptocurrency. You can use Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and many others. That’s the most secure and anonymous way, thanks to blockchain technology. It's also convenient, but only if you already have crypto, not if you want to buy it. In this case, consider other options.
  4. Mobile payments. Some countries and regions may support payments via mobile payment systems. Find out the details from your operator or on the official Binance website. The exchange also provides ongoing technical support by phone and mail. 
  5. E-wallets. Australians can use PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

When choosing, consider fees, availability in your area, and the transactions’ security and privacy. Before using any payment method, we recommend checking all the terms and conditions set by Binance.

PayID System: Overview

The Australian platform lets users transfer funds between banks and payment systems quickly. The basic idea is to replace a long, complicated bank account number with a short, easy-to-remember PayID. For example, it can contain an email address or a mobile phone number linked to the user's bank account. It makes money transfer operations more convenient and straightforward.

Connection is simple – you must contact your bank or other financial institution. The main thing is that they cooperate with the system. You can also get your unique code online in a few clicks. PayID is used for:

  • bank transfers;
  • paying bills;
  • replenishing a mobile phone;
  • investing in cryptocurrencies;
  • other financial transactions.

Perhaps Binance and PayID will agree, or the exchange will offer an alternative. We are also waiting for other parties’ comments and will let you know when they become available.