Girl Power Focus of Ame-Comi Girls: Earth in Crisis

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DC Comics Ame-Comi Girls Earth in Crisis Volume 3

The Ame-Comi vision of DC's super heroines in statue form was so popular that DC brought the characters to the comics. Whether the Ami-Comi girls exist on one of the reserved 52 worlds of the DC multiverse isn't made clear, but the changes are more than simply aesthetic. Almost all of the male characters have been represented as females, including Darkseid. It's similar to the conceit of the gender-swapped reality of Earth 11, but also radically different in regards to the relationships of the characters to each other and their world.

This compilation opens with Sinestra and army of yellow and black lanterns conquering worlds, with Thanagar being the newest in their sights. Leading the fight against them is Shayera, followed by her husband, Katar. But at a crucial moment, Shayera disappears, transported to the planet Rann on a Zeta beam fired by Alanna Strange, before bringing together the heroes of Earth to make a last stand against Sinestra. But even with their powers augmented by the New God, Metra, who converts them all into White Lantern versions of themselves, the odds are stacked against the girls.

This volume also introduces yet another version of Ame-Comi action in a world where The Flash is the "fastest zombie undead." She's recruited by Red Raven to join the Teen Hellions to stave off yet another incursion by her father, Trigon. Afterward, we get a brief and intriguing origin of White Canary, capped off with a battle between Mera, Queen of Atlantis, and her half-sister, Black Manta.

I enjoy the artwork and the reinterpretation; enough so that I'd love to see some sort of partnership with DC and someone like Funimation to bring this universe to an animated vision. However, I had a little trouble with the stories, because I couldn't really see a definitive conclusion to many of them. This was particularly evident in the largest story of the set, where I felt a distinct lack of closure. Perhaps that story is to be continued in future volumes, because I certainly felt there was more there to work with.

If you like the manga art style, then you'll definitely want to check out AME-COMI GIRLS: EARTH IN CRISIS.

3.5 / 5.0