LEGO Wins Again With Justice League vs Bizarro League

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LEGO does it again with this humorous treatment of our favorite super heroes.

JUSTICE LEAGUE VS BIZARRO LEAGUE opens with an introduction to who Bizarro is and what his motivations are, as well as how Superman thought he had dealt with the simple-minded creature for good. But a year later, the Justice League -- Superman (Nolan North), Batman (Troy Baker), Wonder Woman (Kari Wahlgren), Cyborg (Khary Payton), Guy Gardner (Diedrich Bader), Plastic Man (Tom Kenny), Flash (James Arnold Taylor), Hawkman and Green Arrow (both voiced by Phil Morris) -- are up against Gorilla Grodd (Kevin Michael Richardson) and his mind-controlled crew of Giganta (April Winchell), Penguin, Deathstroke, and Captain Cold. This was a fun melee battle scene that brings in characters we've never seen in LEGO minifig version before, creating an immediate want in the market for some figures that don't exist yet. Genius! (Because I want my Plastic Man minifig!)

When Bizarro shows up, it's to steal the Duplicator Ray that created him, which he quickly uses to make a Bizarro version of the Justice League: Bizarra, Batzarro, Greenzarro and Cyzarro. Bizarro needs this team because his homeworld -- a cube-like planet inhabited only by rocks that emit a weird radiation that causes the laws of physics to act differently -- is under attack by Darkseid! So rather than a team vs. team, as the title would imply, what you really get is a team-up. Which is okay, because the Justice League is going to need this ragtag group of misfits on Bizarro World.

There's a lot being played with here, not the least of which is Batman's trust issues. He apparently only accepted membership in the League so he could keep a closer eye on "the alien," Superman. I also enjoyed Khary Payton continuing the Cyborg personality from his TEEN TITANS GO! cartoons, and Flash's struggle with boredom and the challenges the team come up with to keep him busy.

The main feature is only forty-eight minutes long, but you can counter this if you go to the Special Features first and begin with showing the twenty-three minute short, LEGO DC COMICS SUPER HEROES: BATMAN BE-LEAGUERED TV SPECIAL. This shows how Batman was initially recruited into the Justice League in an adventure that finds all the super heroes disappearing in order to give Batman a mystery to solve. The special features also have the "bloopers" from that show, most of which involve Robin playing pranks with the props.

Finally, there is a wonderful documentary feature on the history of Bizarro, hosted by Mike Carlin, Michael Jelenic and Brandon Vietti, looking at the original origins of Bizarro and how his opposite-logic was applied to this feature.

Oh, and if you buy the right version of this release, you'll also get an exclusive LEGO minifig of Batzarro. Zoinks!

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4.0 / 5.0