Lenore's Origins Disinterred in Roman Dirge's Pink Bellies

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Lenore Pink Bellies Roman Dirge Titan Comics Critical Blast

It's a big chapter in the (after) life of Lenore, the cute little dead girl, as creator Roman Dirge delves into the Secret Origin of Taxidermy. No, not the art of mounting dead animals (and I don't mean... oh, just for get it!), but Lenore's chilling and sinister friend with antlers, who has a penchant for killing.

In LENORE: PINK BELLIES, the latest from Titan Comics and Roman Dirge, we learn that Taxidermy is really Taxen-ra, an ancient Egyptian god with a special purpose, one that uniquely fits into the hows and whys of Lenore's post-death adventures. This origin, however, is slowly drawn out over four books, letting us see Taxidermy in action while we watch Lenore and her friends -- the diminutive, demonic bucketheaded Pooty and the animated something-or-other Ragamuffin -- fend off the crew of a ghost hunting television show, get drugged by a bunch of government agents (in which Ragamuffin takes shelter in the anus of a bear), and witness a battle royale between Anubis and Taxen-ra, which results in the death of one of the recurring characters of our beloved jitterbug macabre.



Dirge's black humor is addictive. Just one outing with Lenore is all you need to be hooked. And by hooked, I mean hooked in several places and pinned to a wall like something Jigsaw would do in one of those SAW films -- only it would be funny. But don't just take my word for it: pick up your own copy of LENORE: PINK BELLIES (from a store, not off the corpse you just created trying to mug someone for it), and find out for yourself.

5.0 / 5.0