Legion of Doom Big Trouble for Justice League in Latest LEGO Adventure

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Justice League Legion of Doom LEGO Blu-ray DVD Critical Blast

The Justice League is back, and ready to hit the bad guys like a ton of bricks. LEGO bricks, that is.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: ATTACK OF THE LEGION OF DOOM is the latest installment in the animated LEGO adventures of DC Comics' Justice League characters: Superman (Nolan North), Batman (Troy Baker), Wonder Woman (Grey Griffin), Flash (James Arnold Taylor), Green Lantern (Josh Keaton) and Cyborg (Khary Payton). Together, they've been successful in stopping the bad guys in their tracks.

But when the bad guys learn that they can work together as well, it could spell the end for the JLA. Lex Luthor (John DiMaggio) has brought together the baddest of the bad to compete for a position on his Legion of Doom. But, since they only have six parking spaces, the membership is limited to Luthor, Sinestro (Mark Hamill, who also voices Trickster), Black Manta, Cheetah (Cree Summer), Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd (both voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who surely is channeling Patrick Stewart in his interpretation of Grodd). What none of the villains other than Luthor knows, howevever, is that their venture is backed by none other than Darkseid of Apokalips!



Director Rick Morales and Writer Jim Krieg know both of their audiences: the DC superhero fans, and the younger watchers who love their LEGO. To that end, you'll get a little bit of foreshadowing of greater evils awaiting our heroes, as well as a lot of silliness on the part of heroes and villains alike. Regular fans of DC Comics will love the "in" jokes about the change of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman's costumes, as well as when the heroes go on a mission to Area 52. (It used to be Area 51, but they changed it -- the "new 52" is more secure.)

Flash and Green Lantern are rivals in this story, both for Wonder Woman's attentions, and for scoring points in each battle, doing so like a couple of 8 year olds. But there's also the valuable lesson of being yourself and relying on your own special talents, as exhibited through Cyborg who feels he is left out of things due to his lack of certain abilities, but who ends up saving the day multiple times in this adventure.

This adventure also introduces a new Justice League member: J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who initially works with the Legion of Doom after Luthor frees him from captivity in Area 52. But as he observes their actions, he begins to realize he's been tricked and goes to the Justice League to do the right thing.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: ATTACK OF THE LEGION OF DOOM is packaged in a Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy version that also includes a great collectible bonus for the LEGO collectors: a LEGO minifig of The Trickster!

It's a snap that this item is going to please everyone.

4.5 / 5.0