Talking Cosplay with Ashe Lynne Cosplay

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Ashe Lynne Cosplay as Captain Marvel

One of the real pleasures of attending a convention is to take in all the cosplay -- the good and, yes, the bad. And among the most impressive cosplayers this year at Wizard World St. Louis had to have been Ashe Lynne, who spent Friday saluting the fans as a stunning Captain Marvel.

We caught up with Ashe on Saturday, when she had transformed herself into X-Man Jean Grey in her White Phoenix of the Crown aspect.

Offline, we spoke more about her Disney experiences, so if I'm ever in a parade, I know exactly how to get the wave correct. ("Wipe the window. Get the spot.")

You can find more Ashe Lynne Cosplay on her Facebook page, her Instragram (@AsheLynneCosplay), and her Pinterest page.

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