Brandon Mull Returns to Fablehaven with Dragonwatch

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Dragonwatch Book 1

Seth and Kendra Sorenson are back, and the world is a better place for it.

The teenaged siblings who captured our hearts and imaginations in Brandon Mull's FABLEHAVEN series return in an all new adventure, DRAGONWATCH, and the dangers continue to mount. After having defeated the demons with the aid of the dragons, the dragons have decided they want more. They are no longer happy being confined to magical preserves, and are testing their limits. The wizard Agad comes to Grandpa Sorenson for assistance in finding caretakers for Wyrmroost, a dragon sanctuary where the caretaker duties are split between the wizard Marat and the dragon king, Celebrant. But the defenses of Wyrmroost have been weakening during this partnership, and Celebrant is probing those mystical defenses that would allow him to obliterate the walls of Blackwell Keep and release all the dragons of Wyrmroost upon the world, free once more.

Agad's plan to restore the defenses relies on finding a human caretaker -- specifically a dragon tamer. And his only choice is Seth and Kendra, who make up a dragon tamer when working together (Kendra has been blessed by the Fairy Queen and become fairykind, while Seth has a more darker gift, being a shadow charmer). It's dangerous -- so much so that they will almost certainly be killed -- and there's no guarantee that installing them as caretakers will restore the mystical defenses. But desperate times call for desperate measures, as Dragonwatch's forces are spread thin around the globe putting down insurrections at the other hidden dragon sanctuaries.

Mull builds on an already successful cast of characters, introducing new friends and foes, captivating challenges, and more bizarre creatures the likes of which you haven't encountered. (Show of hands: Who knows what an alcetaur is? That's what I thought.) The action is just as fast-paced as FABLEHAVEN at its finest, and the end of this book comes far too quickly. But, by golly, it's good to be back in Fablehaven once more.

5.0 / 5.0