Greatest Brick Builds Truly Highlights Amazing Creations in LEGO

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Greatest Brick Builds

I live in a LEGO world. My son has thousands, separated into color-marked drawers. We made a plywood top overlay for one of his play tables and covered it with LEGO base plates. We've worked on some pretty intense kits.

Or so we thought.

Along comes THE GREATEST BRICK BUILDS: AMAZING CREATIONS IN LEGO. And not only do the contents live up to the title, they surpass it. These models aren't just creative -- they're enormous. The smallest of them begin at just over 10,000 bricks. The largest is two million! The level of detail in the model of Ohio Stadium (750,000 bricks) is astounding, and just needs the sounds of fans cheering to complete the illusion.

Most of the models fall into the 200 to 300 thousand brick range, assembled into 2D mosaics and 3D sculptures, like Douglas Dreier and Shyam Bahadur's recreation of a classic TARZAN comic book cover (38,000 bricks), and Master Builder Nathan Sawaya's 18 foot long, 489,012 brick Batmobile, designed with assistance from DC Entertainment's Jim Lee. Sawaya has a number of builds in this book, in fact, including the cover image. It's fitting that he gets to write the introduction to this hardcover.

Most interesting were the items that were actually functional upon completion, like Henry Lim's working harpsichord (100,000 bricks) and Ale Jordao's 3000-brick full-sized chair.

If you're hoping for instructions on how to recreate these works of art, you won't find them here. I know I'd certainly love to get step-by-step directions for some of these, encyclopedic as those instruction sets might be. But if you're a true lover of the LEGO, you need to acquire this book, if only to get inspired to be the next Master Builder!

4.5 / 5.0