Kids Hate School? Eerie Elementary Hates Them Back!

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Eerie Elementary Classes are Canceled

Sam is a hall monitor at Eerie Elementary. It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

That's because the hall monitors at the school historically have one secret job that nobody but former hall monitors understand: keeping Eerie Elementary from eating students. Only Sam and his friends Lucy and Antonio (and their mentor, former hall monitor Mister Nekobi, the janitor) know that they're really up against one of the town founders, Orson Eerie, who found a way to transfer his soul into the school building through mad science and strange magic.

So far, Sam and his friends have been able to keep Orson in check. But lately Orson seems to have given up, accelerating a state of advanced decay and dilapidation. It gets bad enough that the principal orders the school be torn down. The demolition crews are quick to respond, and the wrecking ball is at the ready! Could the evil school spirit finally be running out of steam? Or does he have a more insidious plan in mind, one that would make him even more powerful than he is today?

Jack Chabert and Matt Loveridge have put together a fun and entertaining series that feeds that "I hate school" mentality that some kids have and sneakily channels that to get them into a story about about a school that hates them more. The next thing you know, they're actually reading!

4.5 / 5.0