LEGO Science Combines Fun and Fact for Young and Old

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LEGO Science

What's cooler than a LEGO scientist minifigure that comes with two clear beakers filled with different colors? The book she comes with, of course!

The latest in the line of LEGO ADVENTURES IN THE REAL WORLD is LEGO SCIENCE, and where LEGO FARM was a Level 1 reader for beginners, LEGO SCIENCE is a emBIG book with sections devoted to chemistry, matter, space, inventions, physics, and much more! You'll be building water molecules from LEGO, learning how things work, why they work, and the often amazing ways things were discovered. You'll be given build challenges along the way -- but not just to create something, but answer science questions about them, like the kind of energy used to build your pair of racecars, and what things you could apply to make them faster.

Of course the book is replete with minifigures cracking wise about the knowledge being imparted, and sometimes it takes a couple of panels to make the joke and the point, which is all part of the LEGO world experience.

Labeled for ages 7 and up, don't be fooled into thinking this is an elementary reading book. Yes, it's easy to understand and follow, but I'll lay odds that parents will learn a thing or three just browsing through these pages. I know I did.

5.0 / 5.0