Three Cheers for SPARKS!

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No one would ever guess that the secret identity of Sparks, a heroic super-dog... actually two cats!

August and Charlie are two escaped felines from a laboratory that is definitely up to no good. Their intelligence has been boosted, but August's is off the charts. So much so that when she ran back to her original home with her new friend, Charlie, only to find the house abandoned and up for sale, she sold some of the leftover items in the house online, parlayed the money in the stock market, and then bought the house for herself, all using a laptop.

But August has one irrational fear: grass. This keeps her from ever going outside unprotected. And so she built a robotic dog suit for outdoor adventuring. With her running the computer in the rear and Charlie navigating from the front, they take Sparks out to rescue babies and perform good deeds.

But unbeknownst to them, the lab that spawned their intellect wants them back; specifically, the alien baby that runs the lab wants them back, because they are key to her plans for world domination!

SPARKS is a fun tale of friendship, loyalty, and overcoming obstacles. Together, Ian Boothby and Nina Matsumoto have crafted a true gem of a graphic novel for younger readers. The story is consistent within its own logic, the characters show growth, and the humor is ever-present throughout. Three cheers for SPARKS!

4.0 / 5.0