The Hall Monitors are Fired, Leaving Eerie Elementary Students at Risk!

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Eerie Elementary #8

Orson Eerie found a way to live forever -- by embuing his soul into the building and grounds of Eerie Elementary School. Unfortunately, he needs to feed his power by (gulp) eating students! Only the hall monitors have historically stood in his way, and the current batch of hall monitors -- Sam, Lucy and Antonio -- have thus far been able to thwart every evil plan the school has concocted.

Now, with the annual kickball competition on the horizon, Orson Eerie finds a way to eliminate his opposition, by doing little things to teachers when the hall monitors are around to make it look like the hall monitors are misbehaving or acting disrespectful. Events conspire to make them late for class, or doors slam in the faces of teachers. It's enough to get the hall monitors fired!

Stripped of his hall monitor sash, Sam can no longer feel when the school is preparing to strike. How can he and his friends continue to protect the students against an evil, hungry school -- especially when all the students are going to be gathered outside soon to watch the great kickball battle?

The EERIE ELEMENTARY chapter book series is a fun read for middle-grade readers to get them into something a bit meatier than the primers they've learned from. The continuing adventures familiarize them with the concept of a franchise series, and the many illustrations make the transition into reading easier than if they were going into text-only stories.

4.0 / 5.0