New In-Canon Tarzan Story Debuts Today: Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She

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Tarzan Mysterious She Burroughs Tierney

How often have you wished you could get just one more story out of a favorite author who has passed on to that great bookbinding plant in the sky? One more Ray Bradbury thriller, one more Agatha Christie whodunnit.

One more Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure with Tarzan.

If you nodded wistfully to that last statement, you're in luck, because today marks the debut of a new Tarzan story by Burroughs -- with an assist by Michael Tierney. YOUNG TARZAN AND THE MYSTERIOUS SHE is the product of an unfinished Burroughs tale that made its way to light through Tierney's relationship with the Burroughs estate. Initially thought to be contradictory with current Tarzan canon -- Jane Porter being the first blonde woman Tarzan meets, per Burroughs orthodoxy -- the story posed a perlplexing problem, one that Tierney took on and resolved, using established Tarzan lore so that nothing contradicts anything else -- making this tale legitimate canon in the Tarzan universe.

Published by Cirsova Magazine, YOUNG TARZAN AND THE MYSTERIOUS SHE will also be available in a hardcover format, which will feature Frank Frazetta artwork on the back cover.

Tierney's ties to Burroughs works were most recently made manifest with his release of hardcover set of EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS 100 YEAR ART CHRONOLOGY, covering the entirety of Burroughs writings and the artwork that accompanied it, lovingly reproduced in exquisite format. Tierney is also set to begin releasing later this week the debut of his web comic, BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR, which will continue the Burroughs story of the same name.