Octavia Spencer Disturbs in Ma

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Ma on Blu-ray

The scariest horror stories are the ones that feature real monsters: humans.

OCTAVIA SPENCER impresses in every role I've seen her, but MA is the first time I've ever seen her in a horror/suspense role. She doesn't disappoint. In fact, she downright disturbs.

The character of Sue Ann is a mixture of psychoses, springing from a traumatic event in her adolescence. Arrested development, kleptomania, Munchausen's -- all these and more bubble in the cauldron of Sue Ann's plan for vengeance.

MA opens when Erica (JULIETTE LEWIS) returns to her home town with her teenaged daughter Maggie (DIANA SILVERS) in tow. Maggie makes some new friends, who like to party it up. When they try to get an adult to buy them some booze, they meet up with Sue Ann, who agrees to make the purchase. Expressing concern for the teens' safety, she also offers them her basement as a place for their revels. Her catering to them soon has them calling her "Ma," which she encourages.

But the offer becomes much more, when Sue Ann starts to make herself part of the teenaged crew. As Maggie becomes more disturbed about Ma's behavior, Sue Ann's obsessions become more and more dangerous. But the secrets from her past, and her true motivations will bubble up slowly, leading into the most harrowing final thirty minutes of any psychological horror film out there.

Featuring a boisterous and diverse young cast (McKALEY MILLER, COREY FOGELMANIS, GIANNI PAOLO, DANTE BROWN, HEATHER MARIE PATE), and supported by experience actors (LUKE EVANS, MISSI PYLE, ALLISON JANNEY), this TATE TAYLOR directed project will unsettle you to your core.

4.0 / 5.0