Charlie's Angels Go Full Throttle Back to Blu-ray Before Taking Flight in Theaters

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Charlies Angels Full Throttle Blu-ray

With CHARLIE'S ANGELS preparing for yet another attempt at theatrical acclaim, it seems almost counter-productive to release CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE on Blu-ray to remind viewers of just how well things went in the past for this franchise's attempts to make it on the big screen.

Let's face it. FULL THROTTLE was purely for self-referential nostalgia, in-jokes, and gratuitous giggle-and-jiggle. The plot was thinner than Twiggy, with the Angels having to track down two metal rings that, together, decrypted into the full list of Federal Witness Protection participants. The full list. Think about that. Yes, it could fit on two rings easily enough with micro engraving and compression coding. But... every time someone new has to enter the program, you have to have both rings brought in and re-engraved. Seems to be a rather clunky way to handle security, unless you need a Macguffin to drive a plot.

The Angels -- CAMERON DIAZ, DREW BARRYMORE, and LUCY LIU -- saunter and stumble their way through one over-the-top scenario to another, pursuing the rings while encountering angry exes, a hair-fetish assassin (CRISPIN GLOVER), and the mastermind of it all, a former Angel gone bad (DEMI MOORE).

What teh film has going for it is lots of explosions, sexy silliness, and... no, that's pretty much it. There's a weak attempt to shoehorn in a reason why BILL MURRAY was Bosley in the first film and BERNIE MAC is in the second, and even that was forgettable. This film is made for popcorn, beer, and a group of friends who like to hoot at their television and make fun of bad stories.

This Blu-ray / Digital package includes the theatrical and unrated versions of the film, as well as a host of bonus features, including audio commentoary by Director McG.

3.5 / 5.0