Lion King Roars onto Blu-ray

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Lion King Bluray

Disney is on a roll when it comes to producing "live action" versions of their animated classics, and their release of THE LION KING is no exception. Now, with Christmas on a collision course with all of us, the House of Mouse has released this CGI masterpiece to the home video market, including Blu-ray and Digital.

THE LION KING features some of the most insanely realistic computer animation to date, and a stellar voice cast to carry it along. JAMES EARL JONES returns to the role of Mufasa, while CHIWETEL EJIOFOR makes the acerbic Scar a frightening foe to contend with. The story isn't a frame-by-frame recreation of the original 1994 hit, however, opting to flesh out some of the minor characters. Shenzi the Hyena (FLORENCE KASUMBA) is actually the larger villain of the piece, overshadowing Scar when it comes to the danger presented to the lions of Pride Rock.

JD McCRARY provides the voice of young Simba, who runs off into the wilderness when he is guilted into believing he is responsible for his father's death. Befriended by a warthog (SETH ROGEN) and a meerkat (BILLY EICHNER), Simba adopts a laissez-faire attitude to life as he grows into adulthood (voiced now by DONALD GLOVER). Meanwhile, Scar has taken over the leadership of the pride and allowed the hyenas into the pridelands, forcing all the other lions into starvation. It takes Simba's friend, Nala (BEYONCE), seeking him out and drawing him back to set things right.

THE LION KING is the classic Campbellian hero's journey, the magic formula that made STAR WARS and other stories so memorable. This new version stacks up just fine to the 1994 2D version in regards to storytelling, and is almost magical in the way the figures are rendered so realistically. This Blu-ray will be a welcome addition to your Disney home movie collection, and a treasured gift for any young fan on your list.

5.0 / 5.0