Super Sonic: Sega's Hedgehog Hero Comes Out a Winner

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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

The face of Sega gaming races into theaters this weekend, and the studio execs have got to be crossing their fingers that they hit a home run with the fans. After early images of the CGI-rendered Sonic the Hedgehog were released to the public and met with universal scorn, production went back to the drawing board to get a redesign that was closer to the original version of the character.

They succeeded.

Sonic the Hedgehog came from another dimension, fleeing to this one as a hiding place when evil beings on his home wanted to take his power from him. It's a power he doesn't fully understand himself, but it manifests itself in super-speed. (Warner Brothers may want to push back THE FLASH another year after this.) He's been here for a while, living among the people in a small town, hiding from them. He knows them intimately, even though they don't know he's around.

His favorites are The Donut Lord -- actually Officer Tom Wachowski (JAMES MARDEN), who talks to donuts and then eats them when they get out of line. Tom is married to Pretzel Lady (because she does yoga and can twist herself up like a pretzel), actually Maddie Wachowski (TIKA SUMPTER). When he's not observing the people, Sonic lives in a cave that he's outfitted with a castoff bean bag, a stack of Flash comic books, and other things he's collected.

When he decides to play baseball (with himself) after a local kids game, he realizes just how alone he is, when he pitches to himself, bats a home run... and then has nobody to high-five. It's a very heartfelt moment, and it drives home the loneliness he endures to protect himself. In a fit of agony, he releases a burst of his power -- and shorts out the electrical grid for miles. This brings him to the attention of the military, who send out their best man for the job -- even if he is crazy. Dr. Ivo Robotnik (JIM CARREY) is so egocentric and self-ostracized, he makes The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper seem like a well-adjusted individual.

Realizing people are after him, Sonic realizes he has to go to another dimension, again, using the emergency rings that allow such transport. But  he gets caught by Tom, who shoots him just as a portal opens and Sonic loses all his rings through it. And the government tracks Sonic to Tom's house.

Thus begins the fugitive chase, road trip, buddy movie aspect of things, as Tom gets used to the idea that other life forms exist and Sonic gets the opportunity to make a bucket list.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOVIE isn't the kind of film that sets out to win Oscars. It's the kind of film that knows its audience and sets out to entertain them. And in this aspect, the film is a huge success. Our preteen is already chomping at the bit to see the film again, and I'm sure the Blu-ray will join our library when the time comes.

Get some popcorn, find a good seat, and settle in with the family, and just let yourself have a good time.

4.0 / 5.0