Bill Willingham Reaffirms $10K Embezzlement Claims Against HMH's Stephanie Cooke

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Stephanie Cooke Bill Willingham Embezzlement

In the hotly anticipated second installment of Bleeding Fool's exposure of the Women In Comics Facebook group, colloquially referred to as the "Whisper Network" came surprise allegations from FABLES creator Bill Willingham against Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Stephanie Cooke of embezzlement "in excess of ten thousand dollars."

The claim dates back to 2015 and references the period when Cooke was Willingham's assistant. Willingham reconfirmed that this is still an open case, hampered by the fact that Cooke had since moved back to Canada.

The claim was initially covered by Bleeding Cool, but that story has since been deleted from their system. It is worth noting here that Bleeding Cool has a long-standing relationship with Cooke's fellow Whisper Network alum, Alex de Campi. Comics Beat, operated by Whisper Network member Heidi MacDonald, did not even carry an initial story to delete.

"People in our business have been duly warned," Willingham tells Bleeding Fool in regards to the open investigation.

Critical Blast sat down with Bleeding Fool editor Chris Braly to discuss the embezzlement accusations as well as a few other notable discoveries in this latest installment.