Greatland is the Dystopic Utopia 2020 Demands

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Greatland Trailer poster

GREATLAND is the film that 2020 demanded be made.

Imagine the stated dream of every protester made manifest -- a phantasmagorical Utopia absent of genders and judgments, draped in candy-coated neon pastels, where everything is provided for free by "Mother." Where boys are married to trees, rabbits can be your children, and the Virus is the latest prevailing religion.

This is the dream of "The CHAD" made manifest, placed under the dome of THE TRUMAN SHOW and viewed through the 3D (non)binary lenses of BRAZIL and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. It's an absolute amazeballs experience, simultaneously hysterically funny and frightening.

Check out the trailer below and prepare to be astonished. And remember: this is the dream!

5.0 / 5.0