CRoM Con Europe 2 Launches Online August 28, 29

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CRoM Con Europe 2

CRoM Con, the online convention for independent comic creators to show off their projects (and sell them) kicks off again this August, and this time the focus will be on comics created outside the United States.

This is the second CRoM Con Europe, and each day will have intermissions for art auctions for various charities. 

The live online event will be broadcast simultaneously to the following outlets:





The list of planned panel and guests is as follows:

Saturday, August 28 Sunday, August 29

Saturday Art Auction Part 1

  • 10am Peter Clinton
  • 11am Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin

CRoM Con Europe 2 Part 1

  • 12pm Pops and Cowboy Dave kick things off
  • 1pm Lucifer Storm
  • 1:30 Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin
  • 2pm Nina Daisy Aberlein
  • 2:30 MarV Studios
  • 3pm Russ Leach
  • 3:30 William Crawford Hazle
  • 4pm RJ Carter from Critical Blast will be here talking about International shipping w/guests

Saturday Art Auction Part 2

  • 7pm Pops Van Zant with art from myself and others
  • 8pm Daniel Moore
Sunday Art Auction Part 1
  • 11am Alexia Veldhuisen

CRoM Con Europe 2 Part 2

  • 12pm Pops, Texas Dave Houston & more!!
  • 1pm Tim Perkins
  • 2pm Peter Clinton
  • 3pm Rusty Gilligan will be here to auction off a piece for
  • 4pm Bristolian Dave, Rob Price, and Jacobus from the "CGUK Bargain Bin" will be here live!! Bringing guests including Peter Gilmore!

Sunday Art Auction Part 2

  • 7pm Shawn Howe