Millar's The Magic Order Returns with a Grand Entrance

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Magic Order 2

Cordelia and Regan Moonstone, as well as the rest of the dysfunctional and oh-so-powerful magic users return in this follow-up to Mark Millar's enchantingly entertaining adventure, The Magic Order.

The world has been saved (apparently again) by The Magic Order, a cadre of wizards who live their days in mundane, work-a-day jobs while spending their nights protecting humanity from the things they don't believe in. Stage magician and master escapologist Cordelia has taken her father's seat as the leader of the Order, She's also been reclusive since the events of the first volume of the series, holed up in their magic castle hidden inside a painting in an art gallery in Chicago.

Yes, I wrote that correctly. And that's only the surface level of weirdness you're in for when you open the pages of The Magic Order 2

But Cordelia's self-imposed exile is about to come to an end. Because it's time for something else to threaten all of existence, and The Order will have to step up. An ancient race of magic users used to run the world, and with Leonard Moonstone no longer in charge of things, they believe now is the time to challenge their stifled state.

Along the way you'll get to meet deadly imaginary friends, an immortal suicidal killer, and a perfectly charming little girl's birthday party. The Magic Order is Harry Potter by way of Coppola and Scorsese. It's full of richly imaginative elements and weird rules, populated by venal people who try to do good or revel in doing evil; just the thing for the comics reader who's become jaded with homicidal clowns perpetually being beaten by sociopaths with a leather fetish.

4.0 / 5.0