Covid. Cabin Fever. Capes? Inside Chris Waigand's Superhero Satire, Tights.

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Tights on Kickstarter

In the world of TIGHTS, the world gets hit with COVID-21 right on the heels of COVID-19. Starting over from square one is more than the battered economy can take, and the combination of isolation, unemployment, and endless hours of Disney+ streaming content leads to the inevitable: people dressing up as superheroes to fight crime, save the city, and grab some justice for themselves.

What they most often do, however, is cause problems, get arrested, and clog up the court systems.

That's where Chris Waigand's protagonist enters. Judge Oliver Andrews has had enough with the constant barrage of would be crimefighters. They're the bane of his existence. But when a ghost from Oliver's past as s prosecuting attorney returns to turn his life into a nightmare, the judge may have to become the thing he hates in order to mete out justice.

TIGHTS is a crowdfunded comic book currently gathering steam on Kickstarter. Written by Chris Waigand with art by Edison Neo, this first issue of a planned 8-issue arc is filled with action, satire, humor -- and is definitely aimed at adults! You can find the first issue at Kickstarter. And watch our interview with the team below!