Allegations of Police Protection for Superman Artists Dubious at Best

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Superman Son of Kal El

The revelation of Jon Kent's bisexuality has been a polarizing plot point among fans of the DC Comics universe of titles. And while the news was cheered by some and jeered by just as many, claims are being bandied about that the critics of the move object strongly enough to merit police protection.

This is the claim coming out of TMZ and then parroted by PinkNews, as they claim that "the artists" (generically) of Superman have received death threats to merit enough concern on the part of DC Comics that the Los Angeles Police Department was called in to patrol and protect.

This would be a huge story, if true, as it would see the LAPD enlarging its jurisdiction to become an international force. Because the creators on the Jonathan Kent title, Superman: Son of Kal-El, are Tom Taylor and John Timms, who live in Australia and Costa Rica, respectively.

Neither reporting agency lists any specific artists who received these supposed death threats, nor does it cite any person within DC Comics who would have made such a call. The lack of even the most basic of these details, in conjunction with the impossiblity of the supposed patrolling of the artists' homes, gives this story a particularly icthyological odor: it smells fishy. Until DC Comics issues an official statement, we're going to file this one under "No Such Thing as Bad Publicity."