Book of Ra Deluxe: What Makes it One of the Most Clever and Whimsical Games in Recent Memory?

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Book of Ra Deluxe

The Book of Ra Deluxe slot game was originally released back in 2019 as a sequel to the hit Novomatic classic series. This is the fourth iteration of the Book of Ra series and has grown to become one of the most popular online slots in the world. In a very short period of time the game became one of the most played games in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Finland where online slots or kolikkopelit are so rampant and people are continually flocking to the Book of Ra Deluxe slot game. Even on the other side of the world in Asian countries, there are many online gamblers who flock to the Book of Ra Deluxe slot game to get their fix. 

But what is it about this game that has captivated so many people all around the globe?

For starters, it features a 10 payline and 5 reel slot gaming experience. Gamers can bet up to 100 coins for a 95% RTP. There are also various bonuses and features within the game that allow for players to earn free spins. For those who are merely interested in playing for the sake of playing, the game offers a free mode that will allow you to play without the use of real money. This is a great added feature for people who are looking to get into online gambling for the first time but aren’t comfortable with using any of their real money first.

Overall, the Book of Ra series has always had a reputation for offering some of the most enticing and innovative technical features to their games. There are wild and scatter symbol substitutes that are integrated into the games that allow for a greater depth of gameplay. Aside from that, a player is granted the opportunity to get 10 free spins once they are able to secure three or more Books of Ra at any point on the reels. Of course, there is also the feature of the game doubling the payout (triggered by the Gamble Button). Again, this is a feature that has been integrated in all of the Book of Ra games and is still present in this fourth iteration. In order to be eligible for the doubled winnings, you merely need to guess the color of the next card.

If there is one drawback to the Book of Ra Deluxe game is that it doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot feature. However, not too many people prioritize this feature in their games anyway and it translates to how the game is still doing well in countries all around the world. The Book of Ra Deluxe also has a mobile version of the game that can be played on any mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The game is accessible on mobile web browsers and users aren’t required to download a dedicated application straight from their respective app stores.

When it comes to the game’s design, the developers still stayed true to all of the design elements that have made the series so successful so far. The Book of Ra Deluxe is a beautifully designed game with visual elements that are inspired by classic Egyptian influences. Ancient Egyptian artwork is plastered all throughout the game in various forms, shapes, and sizes. They are also presented in striking and vibrant colors that are designed to stimulate the mind and overload one’s senses. The overall beauty of the game really adds to the immersiveness of the gaming experience. Aside from that, the 3D slot design is one of the best of its class in terms of realism. And one shouldn’t fail to notice that the reels are plastered against the backdrop of the Great Pyramids of Giza. 

Ultimately, the Book of Ra Deluxe slot isn’t a far off departure from previous iterations of the game. For the lovers of the Book of Ra series, they will find that a lot of the things that they enjoyed in the other versions will still be present in this particular iteration. In fact, the added gameplay dynamics and betting schemes might even enrich the gaming experience for the Book of Ra Deluxe even further. A lot of this game’s success is built on a foundation of good design, immersive gameplay, and accessibility on different platforms.