Is a New Young Justice in Our Future? Stargirl and the Lost Children #6

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Stargirl and the Lost Children #6

One of the handful of titles that is making me optimistic once more about the publishing future of DC Comics has been Stargirl and the Lost Children. Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated byu Todd Nauck, the six-issue miniseries has chronicled the investigations of Stargirl and Emiko (aka Red Arrow) as they pursue clues about the sidekicks of the heroes of the Golden Age -- sidekicks that history has forgotten completely, except for an aging Dan, the Dyna-Mite (former sidekick to the explosive T.N.T.)

I've repeatedly said that Johns is a master at picking up loose or dropped plot threads in DC history and weaving them back together in such a way that no continuity gets lost -- sometimes making it look like the story he's telling was the plan all along, whether the threads come from ten years ago, or sixty. So I'm unsurprised that Johns has been able to take up all these former sidekicks (and some new ones) that were used for a time and then quietly written out of their stories. What happened to them? Where did they go? How were they all forgotten?

That's part of the story we get here, but there's more. Because these characters from the past now have a future in the DC Universe. And that's why I think Todd Nauck was brought onto this project. Nauck was an instrumental part of an old fan-favorite series from DC's history: Young Justice, a series that began with Justice League sidekicks before adding other teen heroes to the roster. Dare we hope that the JLA's predecessors, the Justice Society, of which Stargirl is a member, might have their own teen brigade in the making? A Young Justice Society? How cool would that be? Get this book without delay at your local comic shop.

5.0 / 5.0