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WeLoveFine Star Wars Marvel Leggings Geek

Let's just set the record straight before we even start here, I am far from a fashionista. But I am, however, a certified geek. I was raised on a healthy diet of comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, and wrestling. Growing up in a family of boys, I didn't have much of an opportunity for princesses and glitter. I did, though, have the X-Men and X-Factor living on the balcony of the Barbie dream house.

On that note, I recently decided to bring my love of pop culture to my wardrobe. I've always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but, being a teacher, I can't wear that to school. So, I've endeavored to drag myself into the 21st century and invest in leggings. My first set of leggings, of course, had to push the boundaries. Frankly, who needs standard black leggings when you can have Marvel characters splashed across the sides?

Overall: My first foray into modern fashion were Kawaii Marvel and Star Wars leggings from It took about two weeks to get the leggings, which isn't terrible. Out of the box, they look amazing. The colors are bright and stunning. The images are adorable, sharp, and easily identifiable. On both pairs, the image starts about 6” down from the top with just pattern filling in the top area. Great if you don't want the awesomeness to be covered by a longer shirt.

Sizing: I was worried about sizing as it's hard to find the line between how much leggings are going to stretch and losing the clarity of the image. I have wide hips, but little ankles. So I ordered what was closest to my hip measurements according to the sizing chart, an X-Large. On hindsight, a Large might have been better. The leggings fit through my thighs and hips, but have a bit of a bag behind my knees and an extra inch around my ankles. Even though they fit, I did find myself constantly pulling them back up my hips all day as they started to wear in for the day. I was pleased by the lack of knee imprint however. I remember growing up, all my leggings would get knee indentations by lunch.

Quality: The material itself is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. They give a good 4-5” without being terrified of the stitching ripping itself apart ( a Chestburster smashing through a human's body...) OR ( Hulk tearing through his spiffy purple pants as if it was made of tissue paper...). The image, although there is a very slight lost of color, doesn't get the whited-out look that is common with picture imprinted fabrics. The leggings are just as flashy on as they are in the box. On the other hand, they do seem slightly see-through. You can't tell on the lower parts, but around the hips and butt, you better be wearing either underwear or under leggings. I had on yellow underwear when I tried them on and my husband gleefully pointed that out. After the first washing, color was still strong and the leggings were still sized the same.

Reactions: The best part by far is the reactions you receive while wearing the leggings. I tried to tone it down with a standard off-white sweater and black boots. However, there is no toning down Chibi superheroes and sci-fi characters adorning your legs. As I mentioned earlier, I am a teacher and I decided to wear them to school. The kids were both equally amused and concerned that their normally mildly dressed art teacher might have lost her mind. I got quite a few, “I love those leggings! Where did you get them from?” and a lot of “Oh my god, those leggings are crazy/loud/bright/blinding!” If you are planning on trying to maintain a wallflower status, these aren't the leggings you're looking for.

Wrap-Up: Both leggings retail on for $26.50. I had a coupon for 10% off and shipping was only $3.00! Was it worth price? Yea, I would say so. If you are looking for a gift for the lucky woman in your life or looking for yourself, the ability to rock your geekiness all day and look awesome while doing was so worth $30. They are a good quality pair of leggings for perfectly reasonable price.

Bonus Points if anybody can comment with the name the slightly paraphrased movie quote the title of the article is from!