Mountain Monsters Uncovers the Grimm Secret of the Little Girl of the Dark Forest

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Mountain Monsters Little Girl

Folklore has it that if you enter the Dark Forest, you may encounter the old Woman of the Woods. Or you may encounter a big Black Wolf. You may even run into a little girl.

Wait a minute. I think I've read this story before! Could it be that the actors in Lee County, Virginia are LARPing a dark, hillbilly version of Little Red Riding Hood, complete with the Three Little Pigs playing hide-and-seek with the Seven Dwarfs?

The rogue team is back this episode, and Jeff has been accepted back into their fold. It was touch and go, however, and at the end of the last episode, we saw Jeff engaging in a ritual involving three huge-mongous grapevine wreaths. Jeff tells us in this episode that he got back into the group because they learned he had had an encounter with the mysterious "little girl" we saw at the tree with him several weeks back. This news apparently excited the leader of the Rogue Team, who asked Jeff if he had actually spoken with the girl. Since Jeff has no memories of the event, he could not say either way. But the Rogue Team had a plan: the ritual of the Three Rings. If Jeff were indeed the one they were looking for, then the ritual would bring out the little girl.

Jeff did the ritual. She didn't come. So apparently Jeff had not spoken with her, and was not their low-tech Neo.

But somebody has spoken with the little girl -- and he has the video on his cell phone to prove it!

Jeff goes back to the Rogue Team to let them know that Buck has had contact with the little girl, and has spoken with her. Soon, the AIMS Team base camp is surrounded by trucks and armed men, demanding that Buck be relinquished over to them. Fortunately, the Rogue Team has a collective room-temperature IQ, and Buck manages to evade them while the rest of the AIMS team keeps them busy. Eventually, the AIMS Team creates a distraction in the south of the woods to draw the Rogue Team's attention, keeping them away from the north end where the three rings have been set up. Buck's plan is to perform the same ritual Jeff did and summon the little girl. I don't think even Buck knows why he's doing it, because every time the AIMS Team gets close to whatever it is they're hunting, the immediate response is panicked flight. But, be that as it may, Buck goes through with the ritual anyway. One would expect that she will appear. Buck has a history of having little girls appear to him in the woods, ever since he encountered the Cherokee Devil. Once was mysterious. Twice, and people may start to talk.

It all ends on yet another cliffhanger. And, no, we still haven't seen Huckleberry pick Jeff's nose. (For that, you have to check out our advance review of the next episode!)