A Superhero President Replaced by The Donald Who Laughs in Keenspot's Adult Satire

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The Donald Who Laughs 1 Keenspot

John Barron and Shawn Remulac aren't the first to jump on the presidential parody train, certainly not this administration. But they are certainly doing what they can to milk the satire out of politics and comics as they approach Donald Trump with the raunchy eye of lampoonists. 

Hot on the heels of TRUMP'S TITANS, the Keenspot creators introduce THE DONALD WHO LAUGHS, a dark version of Donald Trump [insert obvious political jab here] who has, with his daughter, Darkvanka, kidnapped the real President and First Daughter so that they can take their place. As President, this evil Donald Trump [insert reflexive coughing fit here if needed] can muck about with the direction of the country while his daughter complains about how boring Jared is as she impersonates Ivanka. 

But this isn't enough, and soon this demented Donald Trump [you know what, you already get the idea, just go with it] takes on a supervillain identity with his daughter, causing havoc. But there's also a new hero in town, rising up in the wake of the disappearance of Trump's Titans. She has no name (but she looks very spidery in an amazing and spectacular sort of way), No one knows who she is, but she bears a strong resemblance to that new freshman congresswoman everyone calls AOC.

Will Sex Spider defeat The Donald Who Laughs? Will the real Donald Trump escape the dungeon where he's held captive? Could the evil Donald Trump's downfall lie with a suspicious Kanye West?

Only time -- and the second issue -- will tell.

Storywise, the plot and dialogue could use some tightening. The buildup in places is overwrought just to shoehorn in an obvious joke. The artwork is serviceable, neither horrible nor elevated, and the characters being caricatured are certainly recognizable. If you're a fan of political poking, THE DONALD WHO LAUGHS is one you will probably want to check out.

3.0 / 5.0