LEGO DC Batman: Family Matters Combines Two Adventures into One LEGO Movie

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Batman Family Matters, LEGO DC

There's a new villain haunting the dark streets of Gotham City -- and he knows the secrets of the entire Bat-family!

Who is this mysterious Red Hood (JASON SPISAk), and how is he so familiar with Batman (TROY BAKER), Nightwing (LOREN LESTER), Robin (SCOTT MENVILLE), Batgirl (ALYSON STONER) and even the latest member, Batwoman (TARA STRONG)? That's the mystery they have to solve before Gotham is blown to smithereens, as the Red Hood has set five bombs to go off in town, each guarded by an Arkham Asylum super-villain. 

The threat is set against the backdrop of Bruce Wayne deciding he could devote more time to his passion -- crimefighting -- if he sold off Wayne Enterprises. The day-to-day banality of it bores him to tears, especially when a new satellite-based computer network, Brother Eye, is capable of running everything without him. But when Two-Face (CHRISTIAN LANZ) is the buyer, Bruce's eyes are opened to all the good that was being done by the company for the city. It's up to the entire Bat-family -- including the Red Hood -- to defeat Two-Face and the OMAC units of Brother Eye, so that order can be restored.

This LEGO DC adventure is done in the typical light-hearted vein, where the problems both dire and ridiculous. There's a lot of focus on "Buildology" -- taking surrounding items and making things. The humor is at an appropriately juvenile level. Furthermore, this adventures features a recurring bit character named Billy Batson (ZACH CALLISON) who continues dogging Bruce for comments for his podcast. Hang around for the mid-credits scene of Billy boarding a subway train that takes off in a mysterious fashion, and expect to see LEGO DC adventures very soon of SHAZAM!

This Blu-ray release also includes a pretty cool extra in the form of a LEGO Batmobile min-kit that produces an excellent model. It's not the Batwoman or Red Hood minifigure that one might expect to come packaged with a set like this, but those figures can already be obtained through non-exclusive means. (Even the OMAC drones are already out there as part of a LEGO set.)

A decent adventure for younger viewers, LEGO DC BATMAN: FAMILY MATTERS has the right approach for kids, and enough humorous situations for adults that makes it a perfect watch for the entire family.

4.0 / 5.0